A Website Dedicated to the Study of the Esoteric Sciences

Occultscience.tv, a website launched in January, 2008 offers extensive information for beginning to advanced practitioners of the occult sciences. The website can be viewed at www.occultscience.tv.

Palestine, TX, August 22, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Occultscience.tv immediately greets the visitor with a wonderful and educational music video that shows various sacred texts and esoteric symbols.

Ancient Kemet is the site's theme, a plethora of links, videos and blogs takes the viewer through a variety of occult/esoteric information. The content presented is intended to guide the viewer far away from conventional religious thought and study to a path of self knowledge and empowerment. As one progresses through the site, one is lead to ask "why"?, why has this knowledge been hidden? for what purpose? and why has this sacred knowledge not been taught in our educational institutions? To find the answers to such probing questions, one must be willing to challenge one's current paradigm, to question all that one has been taught to think and believe.

The second most prominent feature on the site is it's powerful blogs, which gives the viewer exercises they can immediately put into practice to begin their spiritual awakening. These techniques were created by prominent psychotherapists and metaphysicians who have authored books that are sold in the site's online bookstore. Entitled "The Ancient Mysteries", those that wish to study the occult sciences more in-depth will find a vast inventory of esoteric literature ranging from wicca to voodoo at discounted prices. The primary purpose of this website is to give the viewer a glimpse if not a re-inactment of the Ancient Mystery schools of Kemet. All are invited to visit the site, sign up and begin to "Know Thy Self".

Curtis M Davis
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I can also be contacted at: illuminated1@occultscience.tv