Earth Spirit Light Candle Company
Earth Spirit Light Candle Company

Teresa Welch Makes Clean Earth Friendly Candles Using 100% Soy Wax

Clinton Twp, MI, January 24, 2005 --( Teresa Welch has founded EARTH SPIRIT LIGHT, a candle company that uses only natural ingredients such as soy based wax and cotton wicks that burn clean and do not emit any dirty residue or toxins into our environment.

Candles are big business in our culture! They offer the consumer a sense of peace and tranquility. Aroma therapy is said to lift the spirit and sooth the senses. Unfortunately, most candles on the market today, use artificial paraffin wax and synthetic wicks, which when burned, emit harmful toxins into our atmosphere, and we breathe them in! Dirty soot can also create a mess in the home from burning such candles.

Back in 2002, Teresa Welch decided that she wanted a healthy alternative to such candles while pregnant with her first child. She began making her own candles at home, using all natural properties that are vegetable based. Teresa then decided to give other candle lovers a healthier and more earth friendly alternative, and launched EARTH SPIRIT LIGHT in November, 2002. All of Teresa’s scents are created naturally, using elements from the earth, such as: fruits, spices and ingredients from the outdoors.

Consumers who choose to live a healthful and environmentally conscious lifestyle would greatly benefit from EARTH SPIRIT LIGHT’s all natural candles.

Retailers wanting to carry these candles, as well as individual consumers may contact Teresa thru her website for more information.

Teresa Welch

Teresa Welch