Alliance Air Freight Delivers Just in Time to the Democratic Convention

With set up for the Democratic Convention hours away, it was realized that critical parts for the stage were needed. Alliance Air Freight with its renowned reputation for successful overnight air freight and just in time shipping was called to deliver the parts.

Denver, CO, August 27, 2008 --( It was just a few hours to go before the setup of the Democratic Convention, in Denver, CO. It was, at this time, discovered that components of the staging equipment needed to be delivered to complete the set up of the stage. Alliance Air Freight, which specializes in the movement of time sensitive cargo was called to handle the shipment.

The call was received by Alliance Air Freight’s operation personnel near the close of the business day on Friday. It was communicated that this oversized heavyweight shipment absolutely had to be delivered on Saturday in the morning. That’s when Alliance Air Freight’s skilled outbound operation employees went into motion. Local dispatchers first evaluated the locations of the nearest trucks. Additionally they evaluated how much space the drivers had left on those vehicles. They knew that timing of the pick up could prove critical to getting the freight on the required flight. While this determination was being made simultaneously flight schedules were checked and matched to load capacities by the employees in the domestic outbound department.

A flight was selected. The outbound operations communicated to the dispatchers the time the freight needed to be tendered at the airline. The dispatchers confirmed that they would be able to meet the time deadline. Dispatch designated the truck and driver. In the meantime the outbound operations department secured the necessary space on the flight. The ball was set in motion.

The pick up was made as anticipated. The driver went directly to drop the critical shipment at the airline. The driver arrived early at the airline, so far, so good. This was a big relief as traffic can be tough late Friday afternoons.

The shipment was monitored the whole way. Alliance Air Freight personnel confirmed that it was staged to be loaded. They then confirmed it was onboard. Next came the confirmation the flight was airborne right on schedule. After the flight landed, Alliance Air Freight personnel once again confirmed the freight was on hand on the dock. With a driver waiting at the loading dock, the truck was loaded and immediately went deliver at the Pepsi Center. The signed off deliver occurred Saturday August 23 at 9:36 a.m.

Alliance Air Freight does not endorse any political candidate or party. This press release is for informational purposes only.

Wendy Shaw

Billy W. Dubb