LegaliMarketing UK: Cost Effective Smart Marketing for Legal Professionals Now Practicable

London based iMarketing Advantage introduces a pioneering online club: LegaliMarketing. This internet marketing portal for legal professionals such as lawyers would help them increase client base and revenues.

London, United Kingdom, August 27, 2008 --( Continual decrease in the per capita number of lawyers in UK coupled with the economic slowdown is adversely affecting the prospects of many legal firms. Unless the legal professionals can improve their marketing without incurring big costs, there will be harder times ahead.


London based iMarketing Advantage has introduced the LegaliMarketing portal, an online club for legal professionals in the UK. The club will help owners and business managers of legal services firms who want to grow their business. The club will also benefit a host of lawyers looking for smarter ways of growing a legal practice. Lawyers with inadequate business growth and lesser visibility will now be able to enhance their market image and increase client base using this innovative solution.

LegaliMarketing is scheduled for launch on September 1, 2008. Lawyers can join the 'Standard' membership for free at

Some of the features of LegaliMarketing are:
o Internet Marketing ideas simplified in the context of legal professionals
o Examples and cases of several legal professionals who have benefitted from these techniques
o Knowledge & Insights on how internet marketing should be used through articles, videos and discussions
o Sample Internet Marketing implementation plans, do-it-yourself kits and checklists to manage one's marketing campaigns

"Many of my friends in the legal fraternity have never been comfortable dealing with their own marketing. They either offload their marketing campaigns to high cost agencies or refrain from it altogether," said Nitin Dhawan, Founder and CEO of iMarketing Advantage. "Internet marketing is the smartest way to market today; it's so important to befriend it." he added further.

Internet Marketing has not only become an integral part of all marketing strategies, it is also fast becoming indispensable. According to reports from Marketing Charts, the economic slowdown will not affect internet ad spends (27% growth expected in 2008), while all other media will be negatively impacted.

"There are zillions of articles on internet marketing, but for a legal professional the guidance to apply it, is hard to find. Most of our competitors offer products that are suitable for the marketing professionals. Our club is meant for the business manager of a law firm, who has his own challenges and no time to get into technical details of either marketing or internet," avers Dhawan.

"LegaliMarketing is supported by several domain experts who understand the backgrounds of lawyers and share best practices and viewpoints in a language they understand," he added.

LegaliMarketing is designed based on the Web 2.0 architecture, so its members will be able to shape its future.

Finally, the club is not meant for those seeking cutting edge internet marketing concepts, but it is meant to help legal professionals become smart customers of internet marketing.

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iMarketing Advantage, founded in 2007, is a consulting service business specializing in internet based marketing. It is focused on building business centric internet marketing products for professional such as Lawyers, Real Estate Agents, Management Consultants and Health Practitioners.

iMarketing Advantage helps its customers get benefits through customer focused, interactive marketing services that are 'end result' oriented marketing innovations. The company was founded in London, where it is based and now also has a back-office in India with plans to open a sales office in the US in the near future.

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