Children Encouraged to Stare Into Space

While teachers are battling to prevent children from staring into space, Applied Scholastics Academy Science teacher is encouraging it. With the U.S. starting to lag in math and science, here is a new approach to develop children's interest in science when they are young.

San Diego, CA, August 27, 2008 --( While some teachers are trying to stop children staring into space, the new Science teacher at Applied Scholastics Academy San Diego, Vic Stryker, is showing children how to look into space.

Stryker, a credentialed teacher with 30 years experience teaching in planetariums and schools, has just returned from a two-year project teaching children in Chile. Applied Scholastics Academy in La Jolla recently held a fund raiser to purchase equipment for its new space science lab. First on the list was the purchase of a Dobsonian 8-inch telescope and Stryker has already been approached for extra lessons by parents who are keen to get their children instructed in its use.

Classes are being given to all ages, from 5 years old and upward. Children will get hands-on lessons with the telescope and other science equipment. Stryker also plans to make full use of the newly opened computer lab at the school to access educational space websites that provide enrichment for children.

Stryker worked with the Applied Scholastics Summer Camp children showing them how to make their own sundials and in the fall plans to give lessons on model rocketry. The school is still accepting applications for the fall where children can take part in what Stryker calls “Hands-on Science.”

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