net-ARB Founder Marty Lavine Guest on The Freedom Works Radio Show

Atlanta, GA, August 27, 2008 --( Freedom Works, one of the nations leading Libertarian Radio Talk Shows, yesterday featured net-ARB founder and dispute resolution expert Marty Lavine, invited to speak about how his company is revolutionizing arbitration through the internet. The talk show that airs Monday thru Friday 9-10 AM EST discusses the Libertarian view of smaller government, increased personal freedom and free market solutions.

net-ARB's "revolution" is in bringing fast, affordable dispute resolution to the internet, effectively establishing the world's first cyberspace small claims court serving the local community worldwide. Since traditional courts require the physical presence of the parties, attorneys, and the judging panel, they are just not suitable for today's global economy where people of different continents conduct thousands of business transactions every day. net-ARB nicely fills that void in the judicial system.

The second way net-ARB is revolutionizing arbitration is in the cost, bringing professional arbitration down to less than $100 per party whereas traditional arbitration costing thousands of dollars per party made cost the leading prohibitive factor.

The third way is through email. net-ARB hearing take place by email over the course of several days or as long as needed, so that you never leave the comfort of their home or office.

As this new market solution is becoming better known, companies are turning to non-appearance dispute resolution to both offer greater convenience to their customers and to reduce legal cost for them as well. A new bill in the U.S. House of Representatives is threatening to change that, to the detriment of both business and the consumers alike. HR 3010, slyly named the Arbitration "Fairness" Act, moves to eliminate mandatory arbitration agreements altogether, leaving consumers to the mercy of an over-burdened court system, notoriously tilted in favor of those who hire the best legal representation.

For more about House Bill HR 3010 and market solutions that offer a much better alternative to government intervention, check out for a better answer to leveling the playing field.

About net-ARB – The first and only online arbitration company that offers non-appearance dispute resolution by email. By revolutionizing the way that disputes are handled, net-ARB has taken thousands of the price, weeks out of the process and removed travel completely to make arbitration convenient and affordable to all. Check out the full website at It just may be the world's largest website devoted solely to arbitration.

Kyle Lindley