The First Cooperative Shipping and Courier Service

Citizenshipper is a unique new service pioneering an original concept for the courier and shipping industry.

Houston, TX, August 30, 2008 --( Every once in a while a new idea comes along that is so simple, yet so ingenious that it makes people stop I think "Wow, I wish I'd thought of that". Citizenshipper is exactly one of those ideas.

Simply put, Citizenshipper connects people who want something delivered (the CitizenSender) with people who can actually do the delivering (the CitizenShipper). It can be anything, from a letter, to a package, to something as big as a fridge. Users have 2 options when signing up for a free account: they can register as someone who wants something sent, or as the person who is willing to deliver. If someone is planning on traveling somewhere this weekend, they can sign up to and deliver a package on the way to help pay for gas for example.

CitizenSenders can save money on more traditional shipping options. An overnighted letter for example can cost upwards of $100, but a CitizenShipper might deliver for much less. CitizenShippers can supplement their regular income by making local or long distance deliveries.

Anyone with transportation can become a CitizenShipper. It might be someone who makes regular trips between certain towns and cities and just wants to help pay for gas. Or, someone could sign up for the sole purpose of helping to pay for a summer road trip and deliver a few items along the way. For people who travel on a regular basis, Citizenshipper could become a significant supplement to their regular income.

The interface is simple and easy to use involving little more than telling the system the places a CitizenShipper is are able to deliver from and to. Users are alerted to potential jobs via automated emails, and a feedback system is used so that users can build up good reputations and attract more clients.

All in all CitizenShipper promises to be an exciting and revolutionary new site that has the potential to change the way we think about shipping.

Richard Obousy