Mohd. Lizam Abdul Karim Wants to Make a Positive Difference in Malaysia as an ActionCOACH

With the aim of helping small and mid-sized businesses prosper in Malaysia, Mohd. Lizam Abdul Karim has joined ActionCOACH.

Las Vegas, NV, August 28, 2008 --( Mohd Lizam Abdul Karim has joined the ActionCOACH business coaching firm headed by Radin Ikram in Malaysia.

His office will be located in Penang, Malaysia.

“I’ll be practicing throughout Malaysia, along with the rest of the coaches attached to the firm,” he said.

Prior to joining ActionCOACH, Karim was the WW Strategic Supply Manager in charge of $80 million of WW purchases. He has many years of corporate experience and has also worked with three other Fortune 500 companies, all of which are in the semi-conductor and electronics industries.

“I was instrumental in developing several local small companies to become publicly listed enterprises in Malaysia,” he said.

Eighteen years of corporate experience in various management positions has provided Karim with the skills required to develop small and medium-sized companies in Malaysia.

“I have a deep understanding of industry needs and challenges and have had experience in dealing and negotiating with other international companies on matters ranging from price negotiations to relationship escalations,” he said.

Karim’s decision to become a Business Coach is a result of the current state of small and medium sized companies in Malaysia, which are struggling to survive.

“Growth is stagnant and the industries fragmented; I want to equip myself with the tools that will help accelerate growth in my country,” he said. “I have a passion for coaching, which is a by-product of over 11 years of direct management experience.”

Karim is actively involved with local community and social events.

“I own another company with a partner that is involved in agricultural products and we are involved in a number of organizations including Malaysia's Federal Agriculture Marketing Authority (FAMA); the Malaysia Agriculture Research and Development Institute (MARDI); the Forest Research Institute of Malaysia (FRIM); the Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MALTRADE), and a few other local SME support organizations,” he said.

Karim believes that being a coach will change his life for the better.

“I may have to go through challenges like never before, but just as Tiger Woods emerged stronger when faced with challenges, I too will come out stronger and better from my experience,” he said.

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