C-Stores Reshaping the Asian Retail Industry

The c-store format is fast making its place in the Asian retail landscape on account of rapid economic development and strong growth in modern retail outlets.

Delhi, India, August 29, 2008 --(PR.com)-- RNCOS has released a new research report, “Opportunities in Asian C-store Market”, that says that convenience store (or c-store) industry in Asia has grown tremendously in the past few years, taking the region to the top in C-store development across the world.

As per the report, the c-store industry in various Asian countries has been growing on the back of rapid economic development and booming retail industry. Moreover, emerging trends in organized retailing along with growing share of modern retail outlets in total retail space are anticipated to drive growth in c-stores in the region.

The report further adds that the structure of retail industry in Asia will change dramatically in coming years, with c-stores emerging as the main distribution channel and attracting consumers away from the traditional outdoor markets. Unlike supermarkets that target the high income groups, c-stores focus on the middle class segment and price their products moderately.

Infact, c-stores have an edge over the traditional markets as they offer better service and quality products at reasonable rates. However, the future growth of c-stores in the Asian region will depend on various factors such as domestic consumption, convenient retailing and changing lifestyles, which are influenced by strong economy, rising consumer spending and growing middle class, identifies the RNCOS research.

“Opportunities in Asian C-store Market” comprehensively discusses the c-stores market in Asia and highlights the new technologies being integrated into the market at a fast pace. It also gives a brief overview on the consumer behavior in various Asian countries along with the sales trends to help clients understand the prospects of c-store retailing in the region. This report is a detailed account on future growth areas and roadblocks that enable clients design their business strategies as per the changing market dynamics in the region.

This research report also gives forecast on retail sales by country and traditional & modern retail outlets, and consumer expenditure by country.

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