New Environmental Noise Monitoring Services from Cirrus Environmental

Cirrus Environmental is distributor for Noise Monitoring Systems manufactured by Cirrus Research plc, with a new website at giving a wealth of information on the subject. Cirrus Environmental provide tailor-made environmental noise measurement systems for a wide range of applications including transport, mining, construction, power generation, manufacturing and entertainment.

East Yorkshire, United Kingdom, August 29, 2008 --( Cirrus Environmental, a new business that aims to help organisations measure the noise they make and thereby manage the impact that noise has on neighbours and the surrounding environment, has been established. The new business is a sister company to Cirrus Research plc, the UK organisation which specialises in the design and development of noise measurement equipment for health, safety and environmental applications.

Cirrus Environmental will use acoustic equipment developed by Cirrus Research to provide tailor-made environmental noise measurement systems for a wide range of applications including: transport, mining, construction, power generation, manufacturing and entertainment. Environmental noise pollution is an extremely serious issue according to Cirrus Environmental’s Managing Director, Richard Wright…

“Noise can have a negative impact on people's quality of life, causing effects ranging from mild annoyance to serious health effects such as stress, sleepless nights and heart disease. High levels of environmental noise even been linked to reduced educational achievement in children. Market research has shown that though most organisations take their responsibilities with regard to noise seriously and worry about how they might tackle the problem, they simply don’t know where to start.”

“Our message is simple. To tackle the issue of environmental noise you need to measure it. By making continuous long-term measurements, noise trends can be identified and the impact of particular noise sources on the background noise climate can be assessed. But equally important is the interpretation of those measurements. That’s why Cirrus Environmental has been established to offer a one stop shop for the measurement, evaluation and management of environmental noise.”

“Where other providers in the industry simply sell equipment to measure the noise, we intend to work with clients to offer advice and support, including remote data acquisition and reporting if required, leaving our customers free to concentrate on running their organisations. Our target audiences are sports stadia, motor sport venues, power stations, wind farms, construction sites and small airports: companies who generally do not employ experts in this field. Overall we aim to provide peace of mind and our approach is, to the best of our knowledge, unique in this industry.”

Cirrus Environmental will be integrating well-established products from sister company Cirrus Research’s range of noise measurement equipment into its environmental noise systems. These include portable, semi-fixed and permanent systems, many of which have been independently Pattern Approved, making them suitable for a wide range of environmental noise applications.

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