Free Online Audio Book to Keep Relationships Simple in Complex Times

Atlanta, GA, August 29, 2008 --( In less than 15 minutes this informative and entertaining online audio stream makes simple sense of behavioral differences and Zara Green, author and resilience expert, is giving away her individuality system for the sake of self esteem, relationships and laying the foundation that makes resilience possible.

“I apply Zara's teachings, not only to myself and family, but as a Wellness Counselor, also with my clients. I have embraced the truth of who I am and growing beyond my wildest dreams - becoming everything I am intended to be," said Kelly Colby-Nunez. "Knowing that we differ is not enough,” says Zara. “Understanding How we differ is the foundation to self-esteem, accountability, resilience and respect in every relationship."

This audio book, based on temperaments, is delivered with such comfort and encouragement that it is like listening to an old friend...somebody who knows all of your greatness and flaws, yet accepts all of you; acceptance without exception, it’s what every person wants.

Zara is offering her system, free, because over the years she’s seen people and relationships revive and thrive with the awareness of individuality; it is fundamental to each person’s ability to develop resilience in our ever changing world; a survivor and thriver of Hurricane Katrina she knows it’s what has sustained and propelled her. The Free audio can be found at,

For more information, contact Zara directly, (678) 468-4163 or at Media reviews of Zara’s products are available upon request.

About Zara Green
Zara Green is an Individuality Empowerment Advocate, Resilience Expert & Author providing simplified ways to distinguish & embrace individual differences, and practical tools to prevent setbacks, to flow with change and to master one’s future; creating a movement of those committed to deliberately making better decisions than their last.

Grown IS Sexy
Zara Green