Family Connect & Reflect Kit Receives the Gold Award

Family Review Center announced today that Memory Lane has been awarded the Gold Award, for their product ‘Family Connect & Reflect Kit ’. This award was issued to Memory Lane on the basis of a 5UP (perfect) Review.

Seattle, WA, May 05, 2006 --( Family Review Center announced today that Memory Lane has been awarded the GOLD AWARD, for their product ‘ Family Connect & Reflect Kit ’.  This award was issued to Memory Lane on the basis of a 5UP (perfect) Review, and by the panel of judges determining out of all the products reviewed, The Family Connect & Reflect Kit stood out as one that deserved great admiration, for its distinct purpose and intended audience.

The Family Connect & Reflect Kit was created for those suffering from memory loss.  Be it from a brain injury, dementia or alzheimers, this is a wonderful way to bring a bit of the past back to life.  Now one may share these moments from the past with those we love, that have no recollection of what has come before. 

The set offers a dvd, a cd, and a scrapbook.  The DVD highlights milestones in a persons life.  By viewing this video with the one suffering from memory loss, one can then have an open door to share with them what they experienced when they reached these milestones.  The cd, which offers the music found on the DVD, offers a nice backdrop to those moments of sharing with a loved one. 

The reviewer shared "The Scrapbook is by far my favorite portion.  This has a page for each of those milestones we talked about prior." By placing family snapshots on these pages, one can then share with the loved one those photos that recapture the moments of their past, and bring them to life for them once again.  If photos for every area of the scrapbook are not available, there is no need for concern.  Memory Lane has included snapshots one may use in their place, so visuals are still available, when sharing with a loved one.

The Assoc. Director, Janet shared the following "With so few products on the market for this audience, I know you will find this to be a valuable tool that will be enjoyed.  This will bring a bit of joy back to our loved ones, so they can know they had a wonderful past, even if it seems lost to them at the moment."

This also helps the one who is sharing with their struggling loved one, as it helps to bring some joy, some hope, and some closure on the problems at hand.

Family Review Center caters to the needs of businesses by offering our product review service to all family friendly products.  We speak straight up about the products reviewed, and let our viewers know when a product is worthy of their consideration.  The Family Connect & Reflect Kit, by Memory Lane has been loved by our review staff and comes highly recommended.

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Janet Hanes