Optimum Optical Systems, Inc.
Optimum Optical Systems, Inc.

Optimum Optical Systems, Inc. Receives a Follow-On Contract

Camarillo, CA, August 29, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Optimum Optical Systems announces today that it has received a new contract for the Infrared Mast Mounted Sight (MMS) Dual Field of View Lens Assembly on the U. S. Army's OH-58D Kiowa Warrior helicopters for a total of $3.2 million. Roy Hacker made this announcement today. Installed above the rotors of the platform MMS is an integrated, multi-sensor electro-optical sighting system using visible and advanced infrared technology to gather imagery and target acquisition data during day and night under harsh battlefield conditions - designed for stealth and extended stand-off range operations. MMS is considered critical in forward battle areas and reconnaissance missions. The contract was awarded to OOSI by DRS Optronics, Melbourne, Fla. Product deliveries to start in April 2009 at a rate of five per month.

Optimum Optical Systems is a Designer and Manufacturer of custom optics, optomechanical assemblies, and electro optics for use in the UV, visible and IR spectrum. Manufacturer of Optical E-O fire controls systems, complex assemblies, CRT projection, recording, reconnaissance, LLLTV laser transmitters and receivers. Also a designer of Optical Assemblies for simulators including sofeware and servo development.

Optimum Optical systems, Inc. (OOSI) is located in a 24,485 sq. ft. building in Camarillo, CA. approximately 60 miles north of the Los Angeles airport. The facility houses the Optical/Mechanical, Engineering, Fabrication and Assembly/Test areas in addition to the Quality Control and Administrative Offices.

OOSI has the experience and capabilities to process all glass types, Germanium, Silican, Zinc Sulfide, Amtir, Sapphire and Crystal Materials.

OOSI'S Optical Fabrication Department fabricates the various glass or crystal blanks into finished optical components for the visible through the infrared wavelength. The configuration that can be produced includes Lenses, Windows, Domes and Beamsplitters in sizes from 10 mm to 16" diameter.

Design Capabilities: OOSI can Optically and Mechanically Design one's lenses or optical systems in the visible, UV and IR regions. The latest design programs are utilized to ensure the performance requirements. OOSI has the experience to design and build virtually any optical product or system from single components to advanced Heads-up Displays and Simulators.

The Testing Department includes Refractive and Reflective Optical Benches, Interferometers, Light Sources, Photometric and Densitometric Equipment. Optical tests include Resolution, MTF, Depth of Focus, Transmission, Focal Length, Color, Astigmatism, Relative Aperture, Relative Illumination, Distortion and Field Curvature.

Quality comes first at Optimum Optical. By building quality into their products, they assure themselves of achieving thier most important goal - a satisfied customer. OOSI'quality system has been certified to MIL-I-45208. MIL-Q-9858A System can be implemented on an individual basis.

Optimum Optical Systems, Inc.
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