Ken Molvik is the Newest ActionCOACH in Canada

Ken Molvik feels that ActionCOACH will become even more powerful as time goes by – maintaining its number one position forever.

Las Vegas, NV, August 30, 2008 --( Master Licensee Nagui Bihelek has named Ken Molvik as an ActionCOACH in Canada.

His office will be located in Calgary, Alberta, and he will be operating in the Southern parts of Alberta.

Prior to becoming an ActionCOACH, Molvik spent 15 years in sales within the telecommunications industry, as well as another 12 years in the field of network marketing.

“I mentored and coached an organization of approximately 300 independent business owners in the discipline of network marketing,” he said.

Molvik brings extensive sales training and experience, personality profile training and leadership training to ActionCOACH.

He also has experience in coaching and mentoring as well as public speaking.
Tired of corporate life and impressed by ActionCOACH, Molvik decided to join the company as a Business Coach.

“I was impressed by ActionCOACH’s systematic approach and the company’s vision of leadership,” he said. “I was tired of corporate life, where I had no control over my own future. In addition, I firmly believe business coaching is a growing trend and a force to reckon with.”

Molvik is excited about this new opportunity to help businesses thrive.

“I believe I am joining a powerful team of Business Coaches and strong leaders who have a desire to improve the lives of other business owners in our communities, cities, regions and countries worldwide,” he said.

Currently active in his local church, Molvik is also a member of TEAM – a leadership development organization.

“The ActionCOACH system will continue to evolve and become even more robust and powerful as time goes by,” he said. “ActionCOACH is in a unique position to continue to lead the world in business coaching, and I am humbled to play a small role.”

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