New Ezine from Online Marketer Reduces Time and Money Spent for Success

Washington, DC, September 02, 2008 --( New online e zine saves marketers and affiliates time and money by providing insights to proven and tested strategies and products to market online successfully. Experienced marketers and new affiliates will eliminate the guesswork in building their market strategy outline.

The number of would-be online entrepreneurs continues to grow rapidly. Every day, thousands of new online businesses are launched. Most try to start with little or no idea where to begin. They have no marketing strategy outline to guide them and start randomly trying products and strategies.

The free e zine, provides the basic information and streamlined guidance to reduce to the trial and error techniques randomly employed by entrepreneurs lacking a market strategy outline. The goal is to direct new and established online marketers to products and strategies that have already been tested by fellow entrepreneurs in their shoes.

How were the products tested and proven? By e zine owners own experience of randomly and haphazardly buying and trying products and strategies. Through their own experience, they now share with other online marketers only the products they know to be producing.

"The only way entrepreneurs can hope to succeed is to have the right tools to start with. Without the products and strategies, business building becomes a matter of luck, very expensive, and usually ends in disaster," says publisher Daniel Gonzalez.

Articles in the e zine include topics such as the basics necessary to succeed, proven products for building your marketing database, traffic generation and much more.

The e zine is free of charge and available anywhere there is internet access by signing up at

About the Company: Think Big and Grow is an internet marketing branch of HMI Group LLC. They serve new business owners in home based and other online marketing needs with the goal of saving them time and money to realize their business success in the fastest, least expensive way possible.

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