Luminaries of the Performance and Applied Storytelling Worlds to Discuss Current State of Storytelling

Well-known practitioners of emerging forms of storytelling reveal diverse applications of contemporary storytelling.

DeLand, FL, September 02, 2008 --( More than 17 of the best-known practitioners in both applied and performance storytelling are sharing their thoughts on various aspects of contemporary storytelling on the site A Storied Career ( beginning Sept. 2. At least one Q&A interview with a storytelling guru will appear each week throughout the fall and will remain archived in the Story Practitioners portion of A Storied Career. Additional practitioners have committed to interviews in future weeks.

While the practice of oral storytelling, especially to children, is well known, emerging practices of applying storytelling to organizational leadership, healthcare, nonprofits, consulting, blogging, multimedia, marketing, and other areas are less familiar. "This series of interviews will acquaint readers with the many new ways storytelling is being used in our society," said Katharine Hansen, Ph.D., the blogger behind A Storied Career.

Interviewed practitioners discuss such topics as how they became involved with storytelling, their influences, definitions of "story," storytelling in social media, inappropriate uses of storytelling, future trends in storytelling, and their advice about storytelling. Some experts tell their favorite story about a transformation that came about through a story or storytelling act, while others cite celebrities or organizations that need to tell a better story. Each practitioner additionally responds to questions specific to his or her practice. The series is modeled on a long-running and successful Q & A series with career experts at Quintessential Careers.

The schedule of interviewees is as follows:

-Sept. 2: Molly Catron, storytelling change agent in the corporate world.
-Sept. 3-6: Jessica Lipnack, CEO and co-founder of NetAge, a consultancy that provides advice, education, and ideas on virtual teams, collaboration, and organization structures, as well as co-author (with Jeffrey Stamps) of six non-fiction books on this subject.
-Sept. 8-12: Terrence Gargiulo, eight-time author, international speaker, organizational development consultant, and group-process facilitator specializing in the use of stories.
-Sept. 15: Jon Hansen, who uses storytelling in the procurement field.
-Sept. 19: Svend-Erik Engh, noted Danish performing artist and storytelling workshop leader.
-Sept. 22-26: Loren Niemi, storyteller, theatrical performer, director of other performers, and public-policy consultant and trainer working with low-wealth communities and non-profits to identify, frame and tell their critical stories.
-Sept. 29-Oct. 3: Gabrielle Dolan, partner in the Australian consulting firm, onethoudandandone
-Oct. 6: John Caddell, consultant to wireless carriers, software and managed-service providers and media companies on projects involving strategy, alliances, and marketing, as well as founder of The Mistake Bank, a social-networking group in which members share stories of career mistakes.
-Oct. 13: Shawn Callahan, founder of Anecdote, described as the leading business narrative services firm in Australia.
-Oct. 20: Stephanie West Allen, author and mediator who has has developed a ground-breaking mediation model that utilizes the latest findings in neuroscience to facilitate resolution of conflict.
-Oct. 27: David Vanadia, professional storyteller, workshop leader, and corporate consultant experienced in providing storied solutions for public and private enterprises.
-Nov. 3-7: Tom Clifford, award-winning filmmaker who for 23 years has been helping companies tell their story by producing remarkable documentary videos.
-Nov. 10-14: Sharon Lippincott, observer and interpreter of the life experience and author of The Heart and Craft of Lifestory Writing and The Albuquerque Years.
-Nov. 17-21: Ardath Albee, marketer and founder of the firm Marketing Interactions and its accompanying frequently quoted blog of the same name.
-Nov. 24: Sharon Benjamin, founder of the Website consulting firm, Alchemy
-Dec. 1-5: Carol Mon, corporate storyteller, speaker, and workshop leader.
-Dec. 8-12: Ron Donaldson, who has spent the last 28 years working for various government departments in England, calls his particular role that of a knowledge ecologist, and recently became a self-employed consultant.

A Storied Career explores intersections and syntheses among various forms of applied storytelling, including journaling, blogging, organizational storytelling, storytelling for identity construction, storytelling in social media, storytelling for job search and career advancement, and more.

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