CarbonWise UniGreen Initiative for Universities is Launched

Living Life Green CarbonWise UniGreen Initiative for universities is launched.

London, United Kingdom, September 04, 2008 --( CarbonWise ‘UniGreen’ initiative launched.

UK based Living Life Green, a leading energy conservation company today launches their UniGreen initiative, specifically designed for universities to help reduce their IT energy costs and carbon footprint. The flagship product CarbonWise wipes up to 60% off the cost of running organisations PC networks.

CarbonWise works by centrally managing the energy states of each and every PC on an organisations network, taking full responsibility for ensuring computers are 100% efficient all the time. Factual data is continuously collected and can be compiled into a report that presents energy consumption and savings, showing an organisations carbon footprint state at the same time.

The affordable green solution that pays for itself

The CarbonWise UniGreen initiative generates substantial energy cost savings, which in turn covers the cost of purchase. With a return on investment between 3 to 6 months, Universities only pay 25% on purchase. Another 25% is paid after 3 months with the balance due 6 months from original sale. By the time the final payment is due, the amount of money saved out weights the cost of purchase. In effect, CarbonWise pays for itself.

Operations Director Graeme Scott comments; “We are committed to making CarbonWise affordable and accessible to Universities, the UniGreen initiative effectively pays for itself within six months, thereafter the savings continue.”

A platform that will change the way we use energy

CarbonWise is the first in a host of energy efficiency technologies developed by Living Life Green. Companies that become CarbonWise enabled will soon be able to take advantage of the range of energy conservation products coming to market and will enjoy further massive reductions in carbon emissions and energy costs. All CarbonWise software and products provide comprehensive reporting on energy usage and savings.

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