Wildfire Publishing Launches Aesop’s Fables Personalized Children’s Book

Awakening Aesop is a beautifully illustrated keepsake book with four wonderful fables.

Barrie, Canada, September 04, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Wildfire Publishing, a leading quality publisher of personalized children’s books, today announced the availability of Awakening Aesop, a 40 page soft cover book, containing four of Aesop’s most popular fables.

Each book is beautifully illustrated by Peter Dix, a British-born Canadian, living in Toronto. He is known primarily for his pencil drawings and has had a number of exhibitions and has works in several private collections.

“I have admired illustrators throughout my life, especially those that seem to be able to visualize the story, capture the drama and add to the reader’s understanding and pleasure,” said Peter Dix, Awakening Aesop’s Illustrator. “Aesop’s fables are wonderful for their depth of thought, without any cultural references or geographical boundaries. Their marvelous flexibility gives them a timeless relevance. I have set out to explore these qualities with my art in this book.”

The ancient Greeks believed that these fables were divine because they thought that the truth is revealed to us through them. Each Aesop fable has a moral with truths we’ve all learned from our personal experiences. Parents can now read out loud those fables to their children and take a few moments to share and explain the moral and meaning of each fable.

“Awakening Aesop is a quality keepsake book that can be personalized with a dedication from a parent, and a picture of the child,” said David Terry, VP Sales and Marketing, Wildfire Publishing Inc. “Children love to see their name and picture in a book … it actually engages them even more and encourages them to read. Wildfire’s goal is to continue this tradition and publish quality personalized children’s books that children will have lots of fun reading.”

Awakening Aesop is available now from www.wildfirepublishing.com for $17.95 and makes an ideal children’s gift for any occasion. It contains four classic Aesop’s fables; The Wind and the Sun; The Crow and Pitcher; The Travellers and the Bear; The Fox and the Woodman. The Awakening Aesop book is 8”x 8” in size, has 40 pages, and is printed using Earth friendly paper stocks and inks.

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Located in Barrie, Ontario, Canada, Wildfire Publishing is a leading quality publisher of personalized children’s books. All the books published by Wildfire are eco-friendly, and are custom printed, on-demand for each child with most books having personalized text and illustrations. Personalized children’s book titles to date include; Eco in the Forests; Antarctic Adventure; The Ocean Rescue; Electrical Eco; and Awakening Aesop. For more information visit, www.wildfirepublishing.com

Wildfire Publishing is actively looking for children’s book reviewers, and also potential affiliates, licensees, resellers and distributors of its unique personalized children’s books.

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