Tele-Commuting the Number One Solution Recommended by HR Executives to Combat Rising Gas Prices

Chicago, IL, September 05, 2008 --( 86 percent of HR executives revealed that their employees have voiced to management increasing concern about the rising of gas prices, according to a recent HR Solutions’ national poll targeting over 500 HR professionals across all industries. Of that 86 percent, 79 percent responded that tele-commuting is the number one policy their organization is most likely to implement. Additional policies considered were as follows:

Shortening the work week while increasing the hours of the work day. 76%
Arrange alternate transportation. 58%
Offering carpool programs. 53%
Increasing mileage reimbursement. 48%
Increased transit benefits. 44%
Other. 33%

However, some HR executives commented their organization is, unfortunately, behind in solidifying solutions to alleviate the rising gas price problem for their employees. Management is considering alternatives and cost-effective options, but hare slow to begin implementation.

Acknowledging and responding to employee needs considering new and flexible policies is proving to be an effective means of positively influencing Employee Engagement and workplace productivity. Implementing such programs, while having its share of risks, also promises to provide great business outcomes for organizations.


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Carrie Parks