World of Words by Elias Tobias Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Indianapolis, IN, September 06, 2008 --( During the last decade, the poetry web site, The World of Words by Elias Tobias, has created a small, but loyal international fan base. September 2008 marks the 10th anniversary of the founding of the poetry web site by Michael D. Hall in Brownsville, Texas. The writer has used Elias Tobias as his pen name since 1991.

New host celebrated
In February 2008, The World of Words by Elias Tobias celebrated a year with its new host. The poetry Web blob was officially launched Feb. 12, 2007.

The new Web site was designed by Alejandro Quetzeri of Star IT Experts LCC with the consulting of WSI Internet & Education. Quetzeri said the emphasis in the creation of the site is to allow the company or author of the content to be in total control of the content. The programming allows an individual to easily update the content as often as necessary, without knowing technical computer codes once the Web site is established.

“It’s easy to work with,” Tobias said about maintaining the Web site. “It just takes time to get the main content set up and work with it on a regular basis. It needs to be fresh to maintain reader interest.”

With the old Web site, made with Tripod with its free option, a variety of advertisements were attached to the site, but the new one has no endorsements flashing. The old Web site had from 600 to 800 page hits a month with limited promotion or regular maintenance, except for a home page redesign several year ago and the poem of the month, a feature which will be retained in the new Web site.

Many of the goals of the new poetry blog have been accomplished. Audio was started for the Love Notes collection, and more poem books have been added. More pages were added including Poetry First- Aid and more biographical information about Elias Tobias and his wife. Several videos promoting the web blog are available through YouTube.

Spanish Poems are latest addition
A new book or category, Words of Inspiration or “Palabras de Inspiración,” is being created on the World of Word by Elias Tobias poetry web blog and one poem by Elias Tobias will be featured each week on the site.

“After living on the border of Texas for 16 years, I know that a world of Hispanic culture includes creative writing, and that in my mind, means poetry,” Tobias said. “”Hispanics have a very colorful and imaginative literature tradition.”

The poems for the new book were previously published in the Spanish-language newspaper section of The Brownsville Herald in Brownsville, Texas. Each poem on the poetry web blog will be linked to its English cousin, for those who want to switch back and forth.

Armed with 30 or so poems by Elias Tobias already translated, the shift to help meet poetic needs the Hispanics world wide will be accomplished with the new book or category, “Palabras de Inspiración,” on the World of Word by Elias Tobias poetry web blog.

Much of the credit of the new book goes to Santos Garcia, the news editor of the Spanish publication of the Brownsville Herald, who initially translated and published the poems. Sandra Toledo, a Spanish instructor has been preparing the Spanish-language pages for publication in the poetry blog.

“It takes a team. I really don’t know Spanish myself, but I want others to enjoy my work in that language,” Tobias said.

Elias Tobias
Michael Hall