Digital Coach – Releases Play Analyzer 1.0

Crosswicks, NJ, September 06, 2008 --( www.Digital, a leading provider of video-editing software for sports organizations has announced today the launch of the latest version of it’s Play AnalyzerTM Software. John Fiore, Neptune High School Head Football Coach says “the Play Analyzer software simplifies the process and accelerates the time it takes to breakdown our game footage. I no longer have to spend time ‘cutting’ footage. The Play Analyzer software automatically cuts my game footage while I film or downloaded, saving me countless hours per week.” Chris Finnan, Digital Coach VP of Sales, says “we listened to coaches, relied on their feedback, and built a product that exceeded their expectations.” Digital Coach’s Play Analyzer software incorporates all of the features that were important to coaches such as making DVDs or VHS tapes of games or specific plays, printing reports to analyze tendencies, creating highlight tapes of players, and seamlessly incorporating 2 or more camera angles of games. Some other features include:

- Detailed reporting capabilities for tendency printouts – reports have percentages/averages/totals
- Create & Print Your Own Tendency Reports
- Capture the Game Footage while it is Filmed
- Simple Intercut/Checkerboard of plays from multiple camera angles
- Simplified Search functionalities
- On-Demand Retrieval of Plays
- Create Highlight or Game DVDs

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Digital Coach is a leader in the field of coaching software, sports information management and related services. Digital Coach's Software Suite is a powerful set of applications that keeps clients ahead of their competitors and enables the coaching staff to stay on top of their Game. Individually, Digital Coach’s products have been designed to maximize the coaching experience for colleges, high schools, and athletic leagues. Used collectively, Digital Coach's Software Suite unleashes the true potential of your program, while providing an unprecedented level of sports information management. With Digital Coach, nothing is sold "Out of the Box." For additional information, visit

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