Hybrid Auto Bargains Announces Hybrid Cars at Discounted Prices Online

A shaky economy and increasing fuel prices have resulted in increased demand for hybrid vehicles. Today’s savvy shoppers are always on the lookout for a great bargain. Excellent bargains can be found at a new website, Hybrid Auto Bargains, which is now, announcing discounted prices online for new, and pre-owned hybrid vehicles.

Cedar Rapids, IA, September 06, 2008 --(PR.com)-- When hybrid cars were first introduced much of their interest came from individuals primarily interested in the environmental advantages of hybrid vehicles. Today’s economy and record high fuel prices has resulted in new following that is primarily interested in saving money on gas. The economy is in a slump and many people believe a recession is on the way. With gas prices hovering at $4 per gallon, the hybrid auto is experiencing a surge in demand. Of course, savvy buyers continue to look for great bargains when they purchase their vehicles which is where the new website, Hybrid Auto Bargains, comes in.

Online sites are increasing in popularity, since consumers are always looking for the best deal in today’s economy. Hybrid Auto Bargains has just announced that it is offering new and pre-owned hybrid vehicles at discounted prices, making this site an attractive one to those looking for a great deal.

Today customers are no longer willing to pay the high prices that retail shops command. Due to the high demand for hybrid vehicles many dealers are asking above invoice prices. For this reason, many consumers are finding this new site to be an excellent place to purchase the hybrid vehicle of their choice for prices that truly are affordable, even in today’s economy.

Customers that visit this new site find low prices on new and pre-owned hybrid vehicles. Also included are four non-hybrid cars named on the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE), list of the 12 "Greenest Cars of 2008." The Green Score is a numeric value of a vehicle's environmental friendliness, as assigned by the ACEEE. Determined by more factors than just fuel economy, the score also incorporates tailpipe and other emissions that can cause global warming. The higher the Green Score the more environmentally friendly the vehicle, based on the ACEEE evaluation.

Hybrid Auto Bargains is a site that is specifically devoted to saving you money, both on fuel costs and the initial price of the vehicle. The site is partnered up with eBay to offer customers an easy way to find great deals on hybrid vehicles. Two purchase options are available, auction and buy it now.

To find out more about the excellent prices available, visit http://www.hybridautobargains.com

Hybrid Auto Bargains
Robert Meyer