Finally. Cheer Forms Are Online and On-Demand with Medical Release and Liability Forms Are Going Paperless.

Raleigh, NC, September 06, 2008 --( Paper forms are slow, inefficient, difficult to manage and hard to find in an emergency. is an online paperless solution for signing medical release forms and sharing emergency medical information and it's available for the 2008-2009 season. Managing a mass of paper forms from event to event and year to year has always frustrated event producers, coaches and parents. Now there is a simple answer.

"We are receiving tremendous response from the event producers, gym managers, coaches and parents using the The1Form," said Chas Scarantino, president of The1Form. "With so many forms hosted on different competition websites, parents cannot truly sign all of their required forms and manage their health information online in one location. Competitions and gyms can leverage our technology with no upfront investment of time or money. Ultimately, The1Form provides parents and athletes of the cheer leading industry a single effective solution."

Event producers and coaches are saving time, removing the hassle of managing paper forms and providing an environmentally friendly solution. The1Form is free for any competition, gym or team to host their forms for parents to sign online. It takes 15 minutes to set up an account and three days to be activated with custom electronic forms. The1Form offers a live internet seminar for coaches and gym managers to learn more about the product. To register for a session go to To create an account go to

Parents will no longer duplicate personal health information and sign the same form over and over again.The1Form puts parents in total control for only $9.99 per year per child for unlimited use. That is ultimate convenience and peace of mind.

How it works
An event producer uploads their medical release form, creates a list of their competitions and promotes The1Form to gyms and coaches attending their events. A coach uploads their medical release form, selects competitions to attend, creates teams attending competitions and promotes The1Form to parents of participants. Parents create an account for their child including emergency health information and sign forms that are required for the gym they join.

About The1Form
The1Form is an online paperless solution for signing and managing medical release and liability forms. Competitions and gyms host their release and liability forms on the website for the athletes' parent or guardian to sign. For more information visit them online at The1Form is powered by Magnus Health Portal, the online solution for ownership of health and medical information. The product suite collects actual medical records, maintains personal health records, analyzes health risks and tracks wellness initiatives in one location. To learn more about Magnus Health Portal visit


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