Missionary Physician in South America Using Vyew.com to Help Manage Telemedicine

Doctor attempts to implement a pilot telemedicine program for impoverished communities in South America with assistance from the free browser-based conferencing and collaboration service provider - Vyew.com.

Berkeley, CA, May 10, 2006 --(PR.com)-- Dr. Luis Gaviria, a missionary physician in South America, has been utilizing Vyew’s (www.vyew.com) free browser-based conferencing and always-on collaboration platform to extend his charitable treatment efforts in impoverished communities.

As the Chief of the Stress Medicine Unit at Las Amiericas Hospital, in Medellin, Columbia, Dr. Gaviria is using Vyew’s browser-based conferencing technology in an innovative manner: telemedicine, which utilizes telecommunications technology for medical diagnosis and patient care when the provider and client are separated by distance.   Dr. Gaviria has been using Vyew to evaluate and share, for example, EKG image readings, with other doctors and health practitioners in small remote villages.   He feels that Vyew has helped him make a positive impact on the local mortality rate by allowing him to offer prompt attention and recommendations to patients after sharing diagnostic readings with other physicians.

Dr. Gaviria said, “We are amazed at Vyew’s capabilities,” adding that, “it is intuitive, easy to use…and robust.  It works beautifully!  Hats off for a wonderful job!”

To find out how you can help Dr. Gaviria’s enrich the lives of those living in impoverished communities, please log on to www.luisgaviria.org.

About Vyew.com:

Vyew is a browser-based conferencing and always-on collaboration platform that provides instant visual communication without the need for client downloads or installations. Vyew’s multimedia workspace enables shared viewing of presentations, files, photos and even snapshots of your desktop. Included are tools for whiteboarding, annotating, text chatting, and phone conferencing.   

“Always-on” means that when users leave and return, all content and annotations will remain intact, and can be archived in Vyew’s storage. Permission-based controls enable users to enter multiple active sessions and make revisions or annotations for others to review. Applications range from working on and tracking group projects to creating a dynamic “scrapbook” together with your social network.

Your contents in Vyew, including musical slideshows, can be published through a Vyew window - even inside another website. This ‘Vyewlet’ with whiteboarding functionality, allows users to annotate directly to the original contents in real-time. Vyew is a powerful and extensible sharing platform with a growing set of plug-ins, such as Yahoo maps, Google search, diagram tools, notepad, games, and more. The upcoming release of Vyew’s API will increase the number of useful plug-ins, making Vyew the one of the most robust and user-friendly conferencing and collaboration tools available.

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Frederick Han