Hosting Industry Causing Businesses Pain

Dylan Trooien discusses a change of direction in podcast interview.

Phoenix, AZ, September 07, 2008 --( What do bee hives, cell phone carriers, painful memories and the hosting industry have to do with each other? In his interview with Rob McNealy on Start Up Story Podcast, Dylan Trooien, founder of indulges about the industry's most coveted secrets. It is not shocking to hosting companies that customers are confused about the function and purpose of web hosting. "I like to compare web hosting to a cell phone carrier" said Mr. Trooien. "You cannot use your phone without your cell phone carrier, just like you can't use your website without your hosting provider."

However, a similar expectation is not applied to the hosting industry like it is within the cell phone carrier industry. "Hosting companies often do not make customer satisfaction and product performance a priority," said Christine Prokop, HostRail's marketing liasion. This lack of customer satisfaction is threatening to give the hosting industry a bad face. "You solved my pain" said podcaster Rob McNealy while interviewing HostRail's manager Mr. Trooien. "We were trying to hodgepodge our podcast hosting and our website hosting... using free services, which I will never recommend again, or outragously overpriced services. No one was able to give a level of service, meaning they really don't care if we [host] with them or not." When businesses with websites run into problems with hosting company after hosting company, it sours their appetite for dealing with the cyber world. Poor quality products, overpriced services or a lack of customer attention simply drive customers away. Ms. Prokop continued: "The web is for everyone, not just techy people. We have to make a better effort to help website owners feel included and valued."

When asked what are his top priorties for his hosting company, Mr. Trooien said "moving the technologies foward" and "ensuring that businesses to not have to worry about their technology". So what do bee hives have to do with the hosting industry? You'll have to listen to the interview to answer that for yourself:, an internet solutions and web hosting provider, has begun partnering with podcasts. HostRail continues to offer hosting options that are cutting edge and more than turn-key solutions. The company provides excellent internet services on a highly reliable grid technology. HostRail is a privately owned company located in the US with headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona.

Dylan Trooien