Virtual Worlds Press Club to Release First Directory for Second Life News Media

With an increasing number of news services in Second Life, the Virtual Worlds Press Club has put together a directory to make it easier for journalists and advertisers to locate the right in-world newspaper, magazine, TV or radio station.

San Francisco, CA, September 08, 2008 --( As the number of newspapers, magazines, and broadcast stations dealing with Second Life grows, the confusion has grown with it. The Virtual Worlds Press Club (VWPC), an amalgamation of some of the major news media serving the virtual world, has put together a directory to help sort things out.

"The Media Directory will allow journalists and advertisers the chance to find out which medium is best for their purposes," said VWPC president, Holman Tibbett (real world name, Christopher Simpson). "The directory lists media along with a brief description and contact information."

Major news services, such as Reuters and Sky, are found in Second Life, along with such long-standing publications as the Second Life Herald, The Metaverse Messenger, and the SL Newspaper.

"The directory will be available to all," Tibbett said, "but members of the VWPC will receive it at a club discount. Advertising is also available in the directory at a surprisingly reasonable rate."

All money brought in from the directory, aside from any required for publishing purposes, is going into the VWPC "Broken Pencil Fund" to help working SL journalists facing medical or personal distress. The fund is also happy to take donations.

The directory is scheduled to be released by the end of September in a PDF format. Those interested in more information can contact Holman Tibbett by means of a note card in world (no IMs please), or through his e-mail:

Or visit the VWPC information site The Virtual Press Club and click on "Current Projects."

The Virtual Worlds Press Club is a social and business network bringing together journalists from various publications. It holds events, seminars, and offers a press release service. The club also operates The VWPC Bullpen, an informal blog operated by club members.

The Virtual Press Club website:
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The VWPC unites the myriad news media in Second Life. We compile information on the various media (through our Media Directory), provide a common communications channel for our members including a free PR service, and offer social events for members.

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