The Optical Society Uses Total Compensation Statements to Help Employees Focus on Organizational Goals

Santa Barbara, CA, September 10, 2008 --( Benefit Software Inc. (BSI) provides OSA with high-impact, professional quality Total Compensation Statements that help employees see the total value of their compensation and benefits.

To help educate OSA employees on the total value of their compensation and benefits, the Board of Directors gave a directive to Human Resources to produce Total Compensation Statements. Originally slated as an internal HR project, OSA chose to outsource the Total Compensation Statement project to gain professional expertise and to free internal resources to stay focused on other human capital goals. OSA chose BSI, a leading provider of employee benefits communication solutions because of its reputation, expertise and cost-effective pricing. Based on advice from BSI, OSA determined that a two-sided, legal size summary statement was the best format to accomplish the board’s directive to improve employee understanding of and appreciation for the total value of their compensation and benefits.

“Benefit Software helped us achieve our goal to improve morale and reduce turnover with a great looking Total Compensation Statement that was delivered on time and on budget” says Dr. Amy Dufrane, SPHR at OSA.

The Total Compensation Statements produced for The Optical Society were fully customized and branded to include a letter from the CEO, a summary table showing total cash compensation, total benefits, and total compensation. A pie chart illustrating total compensation was positioned beside the summary table to graphically reinforce the message. The Total Compensation Statement also included more detailed benefit sections on Health Care, Retirement, Flexible Spending Accounts and other employee provided benefits. This communication tool helped Human Resources place all the components of the total compensation package together for employees in a simple, easy to understand statement, further illustrating the importance of the employee to the organization and the importance of the total compensation package to each employee.

“The response from employees has been positive. Many employees say that the statements were an eye opener for them and have expressed appreciation for receiving the statements and our efforts to educate them on the total value of their compensation and benefits” reported Dr. Dufrane.

Printed Benefit Statement Services

Members of the BSI Printed Statement Service team support clients through the entire benefits communication process - from strategy and data gathering to statement design and final production.

Printed statement services include:

· Consultation, to determine individual requirements and needs

· Project management; such as timelines, budgets, internal review processes, and production schedules

· A secure, private client engagement website to manage communications and project milestones

· Statement design and copy management, including drafting text and/or editing client provided text that promotes organizational mission and strategic messaging.

· Statement format options include straightforward single-page summary statements to comprehensive, graphically rich, multi-page statements

· Integration of employee census and benefits data and, if applicable, data files from third-party administrators or insurance agents/brokers

· Professional production and printing services to ensure high quality finished statements

· A rigorous review process throughout the engagement to ensure that employee benefit statements meet changing requirements in each client’s dynamic work environment

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About Benefit Software Inc.

Benefit Software Inc. (BSI) is a leading provider of highly effective employee benefits communication solutions. BSI is the leading provider of a PC software application that helps clients design and produce Total Reward Statements or Total Compensation Statements. In addition to designing and publishing PC software applications, BSI offers outsourced printed statement services through its Printed Statement Service team. BSI is also a Software as a Service (SaaS) provider for Fringe Facts® Online, a comprehensive, customized Internet-based employee benefits communication solution. The dedicated staff at Benefit Software have backgrounds in human resources, employee benefits, insurance, finance, program development, software support and training. Incorporated in 1978, the company has helped more than 5,000 customers find solutions to their employee benefits communication problems. The company continues to develop new benefits communication solutions for employers and insurance professionals. For more information, visit


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