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Waterworks’ CEO, Nancye Green, Talks About Building a Leading Business on The CEO Show with Robert Reiss

Ridgefield, CT, September 10, 2008 --( Nancye Green, CEO of Waterworks, talks on The CEO Show with Robert Reiss about using the discipline of design to drive business results. Green shares case studies drawn from utilizing principles from her prominent design career to achieve in such varied initiatives as designing information to support IBM leadership, shaping the expansion of the Waterworks’ luxury brand, and, early in her career, inspiring inner city youth in the South Bronx to learn through design.

In the interview with Reiss, Green’s exceptionally broad range of design experience becomes evident as she talks about some of the projects in which she participated. For example, working on an “information design” project for IBM, Green describes how she and her colleagues distilled the performance metrics and results of each one of the companies within IBM into a single piece of paper so that Board Members could efficiently and effectively understand those businesses.

In another example, she speaks about a strategy project for Pleasant Company resulting in the creation of American Girl Place, which Reiss calls “a huge strategic analysis using design as a discipline”. In this instance, the objective was to continue to inspire its customers beyond its then catalogue-only business. The cornerstone of the strategy was to expand to retail of a very special nature fitting the brand, and resulted in a new flagship store in Chicago that celebrated the interests of 8 to 11 year old girls in a way the contributed to the growth of that business.

Taking over the helm at Waterworks as CEO, Green has put her design experience and expertise to work to grow the business, an enterprise that now has 37 prestige stores, a design studio in New York, and boutique partner locations. Asked about what is key to growing the Waterworks brand, Green states that success in the future will be built on a business model that generates immense customer satisfaction, and, to do so, simplifies the experience of designing and building a beautiful bath as well as places throughout the home. Green states how success will continue to derive from Waterworks’ extraordinary aesthetic and drive for quality, and employees who have “the will to serve” and the experience and talent to produce exceptional results for their clients. An essential part of producing a committed workforce, Green relates, is for everyone who serves customers to know that senior management cares, right up to the CEO. She goes on to explain, “We have worked very hard to empower our people to understand how important they are in the larger scheme of things and the critical parts they play in serving our clients. We have encouraged them to “get to yes” whenever possible.”

Later in the interview, Green tells Reiss how she thinks of design as a discipline for empowering people, a concept she explored in work she did in the South Bronx early in her career, helping kids learn how to read and write through designing their own “mini-school” and becoming the masters of their own destiny by expressing themselves through the design of places that ‘fit’ them. Helping people to use design principles as an approach to solving complex problems has served her well in her charitable work as well as in the business world.

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