Day Spa Etiquette at Spagoda Day Spas

Spagoda, the nation's top provider of luxurious Spa Experiences, in order to prevent superfluous apprehension, acquaints new Day Spa Patrons with Spa Etiquette.

Smyrna, GA, May 10, 2006 --( Spagoda, the nation's top provider of luxurious Spa Experiences, in order to prevent superfluous apprehension, acquaints new Day Spa Patrons with Spa Etiquette. 

With a vast array of spas stretching from coast to coast, Spagoda is aware that the major anxiety new spa patrons face is not knowing what will happen and what will be expected of them at the spa. That is why Spagoda makes the effort to instruct new patrons about the luxurious, refreshing spa lifestyle. 

Spagoda advises the following Spa Etiquette: 

● Before arriving at the Spa, be sure to turn your cell phone off — leave the world behind.

● A hot shower before your spa experience can help relax you and make your spa visit even more enjoyable.

● Arrive at the Spa at least 20 minutes early so you can take your time checking in.

● Relax. Think of a Spagoda Spa as a life oasis, a retreat from the hectic pace of this harried world.

● Enjoy. Enjoy being pampered by Spagoda Spa Staff Members — you deserve it.

● Comfortably arrive — wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing to the spa.

● If possible, leave your jewelry at home.

● Advise your aesthetician of any special medical concerns you have, since not all treatments are advisable for everyone.

● At day spas, you do not have to dress or undress in front of anyone. Privacy is provided for disrobing. Towels and robes will keep you covered, and your aesthetician will be trained in the "art of draping," which means the aesthetician will keep you covered at all times, except for the area of the body being massaged. If you want to wear underwear or clothing, do not hesitate to tell your aesthetician.

● Tell your aesthetician or spa staff member if you are uncomfortable with anything — and that means anything. It includes music, temperature, massage pressure, or absolutely anything else that may be causing you any type of discomfort. A Spa visit is meant to be a pleasant experience.

● While at the spa, be considerate of others and, during conversations, keep your voice low.

● Some spa treatments expose new skin to the elements. So, for the first few days after a spa treatment, it is normally advisable to wear a high SPF product when in the sun.

● Since it is not desirable to receive bodywork on a full stomach, try not to partake of meals or snacks for at least an hour prior to your treatments.

● Be sure to drink plenty of water the day of your Spa visit.

● After a treatment, if your aesthetician tells you to "Take your time getting up," that normally means to take a few minutes — not to take a nap.

● The appropriate spa gratuity is usually 15% to 20%. If using a Gift Certificate, inquire at the spa as to if the gratuity was included in the Certificate. 

Spagoda's Day Spas are dedicated to providing their clients with the most relaxing, satisfying, refreshing spa experiences available today. 

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