Gerald Benoit Joins Nan McKay & Associates as Senior Associate

Nan McKay & Associates ushers in a new era of performance improvement solutions for the subsidized housing industry.

El Cajon, CA, May 10, 2006 --( Nan McKay & Associates (NMA), Inc. today announced the addition of Gerald “Jerry” Benoit to the Nan McKay team. Mr. Benoit joins NMA after 41 years with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), 30 years of which were spent serving as the Director of Management and Operations for the Certificate and Housing Voucher programs. Jerry Benoit will join Nan McKay as an expert consultant for the subsidized housing field, specifically the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program.

The partnership of Nan McKay and Jerry Benoit creates one of the most dynamic, knowledgeable training and consulting teams in subsidized housing today. “Having known both Nan McKay and Jerry Benoit for over 20 years and having sponsored over 40 seminars where they shared the stage, there is no greater pairing. The quality of information coupled with superior presentation skills is unbeatable,” states Denise Muha, Executive Director of the National Leased Housing Association (NLHA). Paul Graziano, Executive Director of the Baltimore City HA, echoes these thoughts, “Jerry Benoit and Nan McKay are the two people in this vast industry whom I have trusted and relied on for many years to get timely, accurate and extremely valuable advice on the Housing Choice Voucher program. We should all celebrate this new partnership!” This partnership will blend creativity and over 80 years combined experience in the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program to produce the kind of results that housing authorities need today; including streamlined processes, more efficient workflows, and a strong, motivated staff, all of which are essential to higher review scores and better serving the families in their jurisdictions – maximizing a tighter budget without having to reduce the number of vouchers available.

“I have appeared on agendas with Jerry for many years and highly respect his knowledge and understanding of the program and its implementation,” said Mrs. McKay, “He and I have been teaming up to do consulting for large PHAs since he has been hired, and it has been a great experience for PHAs and for us. Since PHAs realize they have to live within imposed funding limits, they want to streamline their programs, while staying within the HUD requirements to be able to achieve high ratings from HUD. We welcome his participation in conducting PHA program assessments, and making recommendations for efficient and effective PHA operations.”

The addition of Mr. Benoit to NMA is a key step in the continuing transformation of NMA from training provider to full-service performance improvement solutions provider for the assisted housing industry. In his new role, Mr. Benoit will specialize in collaborating with agencies administering the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program to identify essential cost savings which will allow the agencies to continue assisting the same number of families in a time of tighter budgets.

Before joining NMA, Mr. Benoit spent his career in the subsidized housing industry; where for 30 years he was the Director of Management and Operations for the Certificate and Housing Choice Voucher programs at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Mr. Benoit was responsible for all aspects of the HCV program, including tenant-based vouchers, project-based vouchers, homeownership vouchers, and the family self-sufficiency program. “After a long career with HUD as the national director of the voucher program, I am looking forward to being a part of the Nan McKay Team,” said Mr. Benoit. “It will give me the opportunity to work on the other side of the voucher program, working one-on-one with public housing agencies, to improve public housing agency performance and help make their management of the voucher [HCV] program more efficient and effective in assisting low income families.”

Nan McKay & Associates is a woman-owned company founded in 1980, and is the leading provider of training, consulting and performance tools to the assisted housing industry, most specifically the Housing Choice Voucher and Public Housing programs. Nan McKay & Associates boasts an impressive array of industry experts, with over 150 combined years of experience working in the housing industry. Nan McKay & Associates is committed to providing whole-agency performance improvement solutions, and is looking forward to the opportunity to bring the expertise of Jerry Benoit to PHAs nationwide. To learn more about Nan McKay & Associates, visit

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