House of Hancock Pre-Launches FreeGoodee

There is a buzz going around in Las Vegas about The FreeGoodee website is scheduled to go live on November 1st, 2008. FreeGoodee projects to have a minimum of ten million members before March 1st, 2009.

Henderson, NV, September 11, 2008 --( It is free to become a member on FreeGoodee. Based on pre member signups FreeGoodee expects to have 90% of the people over 18 on the Internet as members.

FreeGoodee is a one of a kind website. FreeGoodee members will be able to get free offers from people and businesses in their community. The free offers have no catch, no gimmicks and no fine print. Free offers are said to include clothes, couches, TV’s, beds, jewelry, computers, camcorders, vehicles, toys and much more. Free offers will be provided on a first come first serve basis.

Lots of people need help but do not know who or how to ask. FreeGoodee will provide the solution for that problem. Plus everyone can enjoy free offers from businesses and people in their community. Get free stuff and give free stuff.

FreeGoodee has a section for its members called “People In Need”. This is where any member can post their needs. Now if a single mother of three children needs a bed for two of her children she has a place to go. Do you know someone that cannot afford to buy school clothes for their children or a washer and dryer? People In Need is the place to go on FreeGoodee. People In Need is supported from other FreeGoodee members.

House of Hancock is excited to be the marketing and advertising force behind the next best friend of the Internet. House of Hancock has created the identity of FreeGoodee and is currently working on final adjustments of the website.

Quote from the CEO: “The Giant Awakes…… I look forward to watching FreeGoodee impact the world in such a positive way.” - Kerry Hancock, Jr., CEO, House of Hancock.

Contact Person:
Christina Hancock

House of Hancock Inc
2580 Horizon Ridge Parkway
Ste. 200
Henderson, NV 89052

Tel: (702) 448-3003

House of Hancock Inc
Christina Hancock
(702) 448-3003