BioBaby Launches 100% Organic Sister Line 'Bio' Babywear

Los Angeles-based company Biobaby, a luxury line of vegetable-dyed babywear, releases Bio by Biobaby, a mid-priced line of organic cotton-based babywear.

Los Angeles, CA, September 11, 2008 --( Biobaby is the first of its kind, using organic vegetable dyes to create baby basics, tops, bottoms, and blankets, in a certified process with more strict and rigorous standards than conventional organic cotton. The new sub-line Bio does not use vegetable-based dyes, but rather organic dyes with equally strict standards.

Conventional organic cotton comes in several grades, a fact not commonly known to the general public. An item typically needs about 50% organic substances in order to be able to use the title ‘organic’, leaving the rest of the fabric subject to heavy processes.

“Bio by Biobaby utilizes the highest grade organic cotton, 100% organic, and is certified,” remarks Lavinia, the creator. “The idea of absolutely pure and safe is a crucial element that caters to the eco-conscious, environmentally-mindful mother, and Bio keeps this in mind and delivers only the purest, organic cotton to the infant.”

Lavinia also drew upon her extensive history with fabric and textile production and crafted the two lines with high-quality materials, fabric, and dyeing processes.

“I realized a tremendous need for two distinct categories of babywear: one highest-grade, completely organic line, and one that takes it a step further and is dyed with pure vegetable dyes, as pure as pure can conceptually be.”

Color offerings will include Blueberry, Mint, and Strawberry, as well as the raw, untreated Milk shade.

Both lines are the child companies of parent brand Momzee, Inc., a stylish line of maternity wear known for creating elongated silhouettes and a retaining a celebrity following.

Carolyn Hong