Special Offer “Sweetens Deal” for Bold NH Biz Owners Determined to Boost Revenue, Improve Lifestyle in 2009

Hoping to drastically increase revenues in 2009? Interested in learning ways to work less while enjoying a more profitable business? NH-based biz owners Lani & Allen Voivod, aka the "Content Lovers" of Epiphanies, Inc., are doing everything they can to encourage fellow NH professionals to join them at the three-day "Online Success Blueprint Workshop" in Los Angeles, hosted by online marketing and success guru Alexandria Brown.

Gilford, NH, September 11, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Business coaches, consultants, and other solo-preneurs: Are you working harder but still losing clients? Do you have other sources of income to support you when money gets tight? Are you looking for new ways to grow your business, deliver greater value, and have more fun while you’re at it?

Lani and Allen Voivod, co-owners and “Content Lovers” of Epiphanies, Inc., are daring New Hampshire coaches, consultants, authors, speakers, solo professionals and other big-thinking small business owners to take a bold, proactive leap in their business success and development. The Gilford-based spousal-preneurs are offering special incentives for NH-based professionals who join them at a three-day workshop in Los Angeles, from Nov. 13th-15th, 2008, led by online success guru Alexandria Brown.

“The home-study version of Ali’s ‘Online Success Blueprint Workshop’ is what we used in 2006 to change our business model, make 147% more income in 2007, and spend more time with our kids, family, and friends,” says Lani Voivod. “We believe so strongly in the live event, we’re sweetening the deal so NH microbusiness owners don’t miss out on this biz-boosting opportunity.”

For any NH business owners who sign up for the workshop through www.AhaNH.com, the Voivods are offering a free “Revenue and Visibility Kick Start” session with them any time in 2009 (valued at $500), and exclusive access to three post-workshop “Mastermind Smackdown” sessions, where attendees will develop custom action plans for their own businesses, implementing strategies learned at the L.A. event.

The Online Success Blueprint Workshop is the brainchild of Alexandria Brown, CEO of a multimillion dollar company devoted to empowering professionals – especially women – around the world with the tools to live the freedom-based lives of their dreams. This is the last time Brown will host the Online Success Blueprint Workshop for a live audience.

“As of September 9th, the workshop is more than 85% booked,” says Allen Voivod. “This is a chance for fast-acting New Hampshire professionals to make a powerful shift in their mindset, strategies, and tactics. It’s a way to leverage the knowledge of more than 200 other like-minded business owners who’ve already committed to investing in their success for 2009 and beyond. And it’s the best, most-focused path to rapidly transform your current venture into one that gives you much more money, time, freedom, and fun.”

The Voivods hope to show up in Los Angeles with a strong New Hampshire contingent, all eager to learn the details of Brown’s clear, proven, seven-step plan to making money online (and off) with their current businesses and move away from 'dollars-for-hours' work.

“It’s lifestyle business at its best, baby,” adds Lani. “Ali definitely delivers the goods. Take the leap and join us!”

About Epiphanies, Inc.

As the “Content Lovers” of Epiphanies, Inc., Lani & Allen Voivod help lifestyle entrepreneurs and million-dollar businesses “A-Ha Themselves!” in fun, innovative, and profitable ways. On their “A-Ha!” Blog and with their clients, they champion increased visibility, reputation, and revenue through business masterminding, content leveraging, and online marketing strategies. To learn more and register for the Online Success Blueprint Workshop they’ll be attending in November 2008, go to www.AhaNH.com.

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