Biosan Laboratories Adds New Testing Service for Manufacturers of Plastics and Textiles

Warren, MI, September 13, 2008 --( Biosan Laboratories, Inc. - a leading provider of microbiology testing and bacteria detection - announced the availability of a new testing service to determine the efficacy of incorporated antimicrobials in plastics and textiles.

Manufacturers in the plastic and textile industries call upon Biosan Laboratories for the company's knowledge and expertise in microbiology testing.

"There has been an increasing interest in this type of testing from our clients in the manufacturing industry," said Leonard A. Rossmoore, vice president and general manager of Biosan Laboratories. "Manufacturers want to ensure they are producing quality goods that effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria and/or mold."

Antimicrobials have been incorporated into the development process of plastic and textiles to protect against bacteria and mold, thereby reducing deterioration, straining, odors and possible health concerns. Biosan Laboratories utilizies the testing methods, ASTME 2180 and JISZ 2801, to test the degree of efficacy of the anitmicrobials used in the manufacturing of plastics and textiles.

Through the ASTME 2180 and JISZ 2801 testing methods, Biosan Laboratories assists manufacturers by testing for the optimum formulations of antimicrobials in the manufacturing process.

For more information about these testing services, contact Lesley Thomas at Biosan Laboratories at (800) 253-6800 or visit online at

Biosan Laboratories, Inc.
Lesley Thomas