Newlyweds Ask for a Car That Runs on Vegetable Oil – Go Greased Lightning

Eco minded couple uses Felicite Gift Registry system to ask for Grease Car Conversion kit for wedding gift. Kit lets a diesel car on waste vegetable, a clean cheap source of fuel and one that helps contribute to the idea of "Reduce, reuse, recycle."

Stamford, CT, September 13, 2008 --( When you get to know Mike Evans and Katy Young, the idea of asking for a Grease Car Conversion Kit as a wedding present probably doesn't seem as off the wall as it sounds. Mike helped found a youth farming program in Austin TX, where the couple lives, while consulting for other youth non-profits and Katy is working on her PhD dissertation on Native American performance texts. Their backyard is filled with chickens and a garden plot full of veggies, herbs and flowers. They dream of one day living somewhere more rural and owning a farm.

When Mike first researched Grease Cars he felt the idea was “a bit out there, we were kind of ahead of the curve. Reading about using waste vegetable oil to power your car sounded like something out of the movie Back to the Future!” “But”, as Katy puts it, “we felt our wedding registry was a great opportunity to have friends and family contribute to our wacky dream.” While other couples may dream of 12 place settings of china, crystal and silver, Mike & Katy's dream is to own a car that runs on a clean cheap source of fuel, one that helps contribute to the idea of “Reduce, reuse, recycle”. Their Gift Registry has allowed them to achieve that dream.

Felicite allows registrants to list any items they want, even a Grease Car kit! Gift giver’s visit the registry, using a link sent by the registrants, and select the items they want to purchase or make a partial contribution toward a large item using Felicite’s patented partial purchase feature. They then complete their transaction on’s secure servers. also provides a Guest Book, RSVP system, e-Notification, Video, and Photo Album; all the features of a full-service gift registry. To start your own Felicite gift registry, visit and sign up today.

When asked how their friends and family had responded to the idea, the couple said that most people were very positive, signing the gift registry with comments like “Go Greased Lightning!”. Mike & Katy noted that many of their recently married friends had similarly alternative items on their wedding registries.

Now that the wedding is over Mike & Katy are working hard to find a diesel car to buy, “Our friends and family were so generous that we can buy the conversion kit, if we can only get the right car.” It seems the curve has caught up with them and they are not the only couple thinking that vegetable oil is a good alternative to gas in these days of ever rising prices at the pumps. “We'll get there,” says Katy, “we can't show up for Christmas without the Grease Car! Everybody is expecting it.”

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