New Long Distance Windshield UHF Gen 2 Tag for Vehicle Tracking

SkyRFID announces their new super long distance over 7 meters (21 feet) low profile (1” x 4”) UV stabilized windshield tag. This new tag has an increased distance of 25% over the earlier generation tags and is suitable for access control in gated communities, secured parking lots, vehicle identification at colleges and universities and more.

Cambridge, Canada, September 13, 2008 --( 2008 SkyRFID Inc. recently announced the availability of their low profile long distance windshield tag. With an inconspicuous profile of only 100 mm x 25 mm (4 inches x 1 inch) the tag easily attaches to the inside of your windshield with the low surface energy, pressure sensitive adhesive that is on one side. The windshield side of the tag can have barcodes with human readable equivalent plus color logos. The other side of the tag can have up to 3 colors of printing for logos, stylized type, and designs, etc. Since the printing is all substrate the colors will last a long time without any fading. The barcode, human readable equivalent and the tag ID can be coded to be the same numeric value for ease of system integration.

Primarily developed for access control in gated communities, secured parking lots and vehicle identification these tags provide over 7 meter read range using handheld Symbol MC906R readers and a longer distance with UHF Gen 2 fixed reader for fast and easy access. Pricing is dependant on quantities purchased but for most applications would be about $ 1.00 USD each or less.

Shipping is within 15 work days after receipt of order and proof approval making it a very attractive option for companies looking for UHF access tags.

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