Energy Companies Foot the Bill for Universities to Reduce Their CO2 Emissions

Energy companies foot the bill for Universities to reduce their carbon footprint with CarbonWise.

London, United Kingdom, September 13, 2008 --( Universities benefit from ‘UniGreen’ initiative.

The UniGreen initiative is spear heading the way for universities to indirectly get energy companies to foot the bill for installing leading energy conservation software CarbonWise from Living Life Green. The UniGreen initiative removes the need for a large budget to purchase the software by using Living Life Greens ‘Kinetic’ payment plan.

The ‘Kinetic’ payment plan works by allowing universities to pay for the software as the save. Within 6 months, by using CarbonWise, a university will have saved more than the cost of purchase, own the software and benefit from massive energy savings.

One of the major side effects of using CarbonWise is the massive reduction in the universities carbon footprint. CarbonWise can wipe as much as 60% off the cost of running organisations PC networks and typically has a return on investment between 3 and 6 months.

CarbonWise works by centrally managing the energy states of each and every PC on an organisations network, taking full responsibility for ensuring computers are 100% efficient all the time. Factual data is continuously collected and can be compiled into a report that presents energy consumption and savings, showing an organisations carbon footprint state at the same time.

How UniGreen uses Kinetic payment at the expense of energy companies

The CarbonWise UniGreen initiative generates substantial energy cost savings, which in turn covers the cost of purchase. With a return on investment between 3 to 6 months, Universities only pay 25% on purchase. Another 25% is paid after 3 months with the balance due 6 months from original sale. By the time the final payment is due, the amount of money saved out weights the cost of purchase. In effect, CarbonWise pays for itself.

Operations Director Graeme Scott comments; “Universities are a vital part of our society, it makes sense to allow them the opportunity to reduce their expenditure without reducing their budgets. Energy companies already make massive profits, so why not let them bear the cost to allow our universities to free up funds, especially in the current economic climate.”

A platform that will change the way we use energy

CarbonWise is the first in a host of energy efficiency technologies developed by Living Life Green. Companies that become CarbonWise enabled will soon be able to take advantage of the range of energy conservation products coming to market and will enjoy further massive reductions in carbon emissions and energy costs. All CarbonWise software and products provide comprehensive reporting on energy usage and savings.

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