American Learning Center Announces the Launch of the All-New ALC Online Education Portal

Alpharetta, GA, September 13, 2008 --( The American Learning Center is proud to announce the launch of its all new online portal. ALC collects and distributes human knowledge in an easy to follow online classroom format. "ALC gives people that have something to teach a forum to share their experience," says Michael Magolnick, ALC's owner and President. "ALC also provides a place for interested students to learn something new for professional or person use."

Magolnick reported that the site has a full service teacher portal, student portal and affiliate system that will enable third party vendors to resell ALC's classes and earn a commission.

Teachers are paid a percentage of their class revenues up to 50%, based on total student enrollment. Since all classes are pre-recorded, teachers are not required to have any day-to-day involvement, nor is exclusivity requested for approved teachers.

ALC is marketing the classes through search engines, public relations, brand awareness campaigns, corporate partnerships and ALC teachers that want to increase their income.

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