American Learning Center to Hire a Number of New Business Development Executives

Alpharetta, GA, September 13, 2008 --( The American Learning Center announced this week that it will be hiring a number of new Business Development Executives to assist with the business' corporate partner program.

Michael Magolnick, ALCs Owner and President said, "By bringing on at least one new corporate partner each month the BDE will earn an average of $110,000 per year."

Under the corporate partner program, partners pay a small upfront fee to be included in the partner marquee. The BDE will get 20% of the upfront fee. Corporate partners are then given a 60% payout on all class revenues (double the normal starting payout). The BDE will earn 10% of the partner's class revenues. With the average partner setting up a minimum of 3 classes at $30 each class and averaging 1,000 students total across all classes, the result is $9,000 in commissions for the BDE for that one partner.

Magolnick states that the BDE is Not an employee but rather an independent contractor with no exclusivity required.

American Learning Center
Michael Magolnick