International Yogalayam Launches The Yoga News, a Free Monthly Yoga E-zine

Vancouver, Canada, September 17, 2008 --( With the publication of its 3rd issue, International Yogalayam announces the official launch of their distinctive new yoga e-zine, The Yoga News. This monthly electronic publication features current yoga-related news stories, yoga articles and special interest pieces, along with commentary on current issues of interest to the global yoga community.

The Yoga News is a free monthly yoga magazine of particular interest to both yoga teachers and yoga enthusiasts . Already, The Yoga News has received praise from its global readership for filling a need for impartial, non-affiliated commentary on important issues surrounding the profession and practice of yoga.

For instance, the inaugural issue of The Yoga News (July, 2008) featured an investigation into the formation of the Indian Yoga Association (IYA), an important development for the construction of global yoga teaching standards from the birthplace of yoga itself. The most recent September 2008 issue featured an exploration of the growing controversy surrounding the modern trend of yoga competitions, as well as the movement to get yoga selected as an Olympic sport.

The Yoga News also features articles that delve into the philosophy of yoga in a refreshing, yet practical and meaningful way. Features that explore various aspects of the ancient culture of India, and their importance to the modern yoga community, are also a regular part of this inspirational new yoga e-zine.

In The Yoga News, International Yogalayam is setting a new standard of editorial in the yoga world with the publication of articles that reach beyond the typical, physical exercise culture of yoga, to address many other dimensions of its practice, while at the same time examining issues that impact the global yoga community as a whole.

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