Orange County Chiropractor Reveals Truth About Back Pain, Carpal Tunnel and Car Accident Injuries

Orange County, CA, September 18, 2008 --( Orange County Chiropractor, author and lecturer, Dr. Barry L Marks, DC reveals the truth about the most commonly misunderstood medical problems facing Orange County residents. His revamped website allows visitors to learn about their problem and order Free reports prepared by Dr. Marks, a former Associate Clinical Professor.

Chiropractic orthopedic specialist, Dr Barry L Marks, DC is on a mission...

"I am trying to get the word out to the thousands of Orange County back pain, neck pain, headache, carpal tunnel and car accident sufferers out there that there are new computerized medical solutions to their problems" states Dr. Marks.

Dr. Marks explains that many sufferers of these conditions have been frustrated by past failed treatments. He reminds readers that "...they have not failed, it's just the treatment they have tried has failed."

Continuing, Dr Marks says, "All to often patients just give up. They're tired of disappointment, so they stop seeking an answer. My advice is 'Never Give Up!' There are newer treatments not available to Orange County residents even 5 years ago."

Dr. Marks has posted much of this ground breaking information on his newly revamped website Specific special reports are available to order absolutely Free of charge on topics such as:

*Back pain & sciatica from disc herniation, bluging disc and stenosis
*Neck pain from car accidents and whiplash inujuires
*Carpal tunnel syndrome

"I invite readers to go to the site and order any or all the reports they need to learn more about their particular health problem," says Dr. Marks.

Dr Barry L Marks, DC is the Medical Director of Orange Spine & Disc Rehabilitation Center in Orange, CA. Orange County’s first dedicated DRX9000 Spinal Decompression Center. He has been in practice over 22 years and is a former Associate Clinical Professor at a leading Chiropractic College. He has been a featured guest on KORG radio’s “Apple-a-Day” and “The Home Show” programs. He has written numerous articles on back pain, car accident injuries, headaches and carpal tunnel and lectures on spinal decompression and whiplash.

Dr Barry L Marks
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