Clean Modules Ltd Completes Groundbreaking Cord Blood Cleanroom Center for Anthony Nolan Trust, to Offer Lifeline to Thousands of Patients with Life Threatening Illness

Castle Donington, United Kingdom, September 17, 2008 --( Clean Modules Ltd has completed the purpose-designed Anthony Nolan Trust Cord Blood Centre, which includes a Processing Facility and a Cryogenic Storage facility at the grounds of Nottingham Trent University. The new £1.4 million pounds centre at Nottingham Trent University's Clifton campus is the first combined blood bank and research center in the United Kingdom and it is the first of its kind to be run outside of London. It will provide stem cell donations from umbilical cords and placentas for people with cancer and life-threatening bone marrow conditions. The trust aims to store 50,000 cord blood samples by 2013. Of these, 20,000 would be suitable for transplantation, and 30,000 for research.

The fully validated facility complies with the latest EU G.M.P. (Good Manufacturing Practice) regulation and Good Laboratory Practice (G.L.P.) requirements. It houses a 50m² Grade D Cryogenic storage area with three Liquid Nitrogen storage vessels with racking systems for the storage of the blood samples, a 25m² Grade D distribution area with a Class II Laminar Air Flow Cabinet for the testing of the blood samples and a 25m² Grade C processing area for preparing the storage of the blood samples. Additionally, there is 70m² of support areas including technical administration, an archive, a meeting room and a utility area.

Latest Computer Controlled Monitoring
To meet with the Good Laboratory Practice (G.L.P.) requirements covering blood storage, Clean Modules Ltd installed a complete Facility Monitoring System (F.M.S.) validated to GAMP4 and CFR21 part 11. This sophisticated computer controlled data acquisition and monitoring system continuously checks particle levels, room pressures, temperature and humidity in the cleanrooms.

Additionally, the facility has also been fitted with a Trend Building Management System (B.M.S) to control the Air Handling system, an oxygen monitoring system and a temperature control monitoring system for the Liquid Nitrogen storage vessels and freezers to ensure conditions are optimised for blood preservation. These three monitoring systems have been linked in with the Facility Monitoring System that is covered by an alarm system in case of any variation outside the set parameters.

Grand Opening:
The facility was opened with a Grand Opening event, which included a virtual tour of the facility before the Secretary of State for Health unveiled a plaque and officially opened the Cord Blood Bank.

Secretary of State for Health, Alan Johnson, said: "The Anthony Nolan Trust is already acclaimed worldwide, and the impact of the events here today, will be felt globally. The complex will help provide a lifeline for thousands complementing the 12 years experience of the NHS Cord Blood Bank; and reinforce the UK's role as a research centre of excellence."

Dr. Sergio Querol, the Head of Cord Blood Services at the Anthony Nolan Trust said: “Clean Modules Ltd helped to create an invaluable asset for undertaking ground breaking research into the use of stem cells, to cure serious diseases and as a national Cord Blood Bank centre. Clean Modules Ltd’s expertise in Design, Project Management and Construction has given us a facility which will save thousands of lives.”

The Anthony Nolan Trust
The Anthony Nolan Trust is a UK registered charity, founded in 1974, by Shirley Nolan. Her son Anthony suffered from a life threatening congenital disease for which, at that time, the only known cure was a bone marrow transplant. In the absence of a compatible donor for her son, Shirley focused on recruiting adult volunteers prepared to donate their bone marrow. Since then The Anthony Nolan Trust has given the chance of life to around 6,000 patients in need of a transplant and today their register numbers nearly 400,000 people. The Anthony Nolan Research Institute focuses on research to improve the outcome of stem cell transplants and the use of immune system modulation as a form of therapy.

Clean Modules Ltd.
Clean Modules Ltd specialises in the Design, Construction and Project Management of Modular Cleanrooms, Mobile Cleanrooms and In-situ Cleanrooms. Clean Modules Ltd. has considerable expertise in Life Sciences such as Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Hospital, and Biotechnology applications, but also has experience with several other industries. Clean Modules Ltd has previously also completed an Invitro Fertilisation (I.V.F) Stem Cell Bank at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital for the NHS and University of Sheffield, and a Stem Cell Bank for the National Institute of Biological Standards and Control (N.I.B.S.C.) in Hertfordshire.

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