Business Coach Eli Davidson Teaches Americans How to Invest in Themselves

Business coach and expert Eli Davidson, teaches how the best investment is in yourself and how to dramatically increase your income. Eli gives entrepreneurs and those who want to leave the corporate world a powerful set of tools on goal setting and brain storming while coming up with strategies to achieve those goals through business coaching.

Los Angeles, CA, September 17, 2008 --( With the meltdown of our Financial Institutions, investing in yourself never looked better. Why put money under your mattress when you can put it into building your business. Where can you put your investment so it grows? The best investment you can make is to invest in yourself, with a business coach.

Nicole Dunn tripled her salary in a six month period as a result of doing Eli Davidson’s group business coaching. “I had never invested in myself before the coaching and it was the best $1,000 dollars that I ever spent,” said Dunn a Producer in Los Angeles. Many of Davidson’s business coaching clients have seen similar results. See Kiplinger’s Personal Finance cover story, October 2008 featuring Davidson and Dunn.

Tips to Invest in Yourself

1. Mentor. Find someone who has what you want. Take them to lunch and pick their brains. Most senior executives are flattered to be a mentor and receptive when you ask them to mentor you personally.

2. Mix. Don’t try and go it alone. Make sure you are in a master mind or coaching group. Being part of an industry group can really give you honest feedback so that can avoid costly mistakes. You want a group that can give you the honest feedback you need to make you more successful.

3. Don’t quit your day job. As a business coach to many entrepreneurs Eli has observed it’s often longer than you think to have a new business become profitable. She tells coaching clients that starting a new business is like gardening. The initial stages are planting the seeds and fertilizing them. Businesses should want to have the staying power to stay in your new venture until it bears fruit.

4. Motivate. Any new venture has its ups and downs. Stay motivated for the long term. Write down your goal. Studies have shown that you are more than 53% likely to achieve that goal if it’s written down. Get some post its. Take 20 post its and write your goal on those 20 and put them in your car, kitchen, and freezer so that you see your goal every day. Be specific with your goal.

5. Navigate. At the end of each day look at your goal and ask yourself what actions did I do today to move more towards my goal?

6. Nix the Naysayer. Studies show that some of the most difficult critics are family and friends. Tell people what you have done, not what you are going to do. Surround yourself with people that find solutions and are problem solvers.

7. Get a coach. Fortune Magazine says: "In a recent study, training alone improved leadership skills by 22%. When combined with Executive Coaching, improvement jumps to 77%." Eli's business coaching clients have grown their businesses far quicker in a shorter period of time, with her coaching.

In 18 months, Eli Davidson lost her marriage, her business, and her health- leaving her with $88,000 of corporate debt and sleeping in someone’s pool house…without any good shoes to show for it. Within four years she started a new business, regained her health, quadrupled her income, got out of debt, and was living in her own million-dollar home.

Using surefire strategies for success that take 15 minutes a day, Eli transformed herself from “funky” to “fabulous” – and now she is teaching others to do the same. Her insights and techniques come from a lifetime of having to turn difficult events around into opportunities for success. Eli has coached leaders in the technology, real estate, entertainment and healthcare industries. Her clients include, CEO, CFO’s, Oscar Nominees, Golden Globe winners, Emmy Nominees, and men and women living throughout the United States.


For more information about Eli’s business coaching, tips or speaking engagements visit her on the web or pick up a copy of her 3 time award winning book, "Funky to Fabulous."
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