Grafdom Launches the Region’s First Online Reputation Management (ORM) Service

Grafdom’s Online Reputation Management service incorporates a series of interactive marketing strategies geared to favorably empower your brand’s presence in search engine results.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, September 17, 2008 --( Grafdom launches an Online Reputation Management service that aims to strategically maintain a brand’s value in the growing online world of social networks, public forums and community portals which expand a company’s vulnerability online and exploit its attributes more broadly. This interactively process driven service is positioned to extend the impact of positive branding, suppress the damage that could be caused and safeguard potential threats that may arise in search engine results.

“We are introducing a new opportunity, a brand empowering solution for organizations and individuals to develop their online reputation” said Patricia Rolindt, Interactive Marketing Director, Grafdom. “We have been implementing similar interactive services for years; hence, we are globally renowned for our expertise in the areas of search engine optimization and online branding. In 2008, regional demand for this service has surged profoundly and predominantly from our clients in the banking, real estate and retail sector.”

When prospective clients are in the process of engaging with a company, they will often query for the company name in search engines to identify the company’s official website for more details and contacts. The corresponding search results that appear may also present comments, reviews and links from other websites that could include negative and potentially damaging notes. Even if the authenticity of these types of claims is questionable, a company's integrity can be compromised and done so with the growing use of web 2.0 applications like blogs, wikis, RSS streams, forums, bookmarking and social networking sites. These online applications are powerful tools that can easily be utilized by unsatisfied customers or ex-employees, and result in substantially damaging effects to the brand.

Grafdom’s service is targeted at businesses and individuals who seek to enhance their online reputation or deflate any negative attributions. When an organization is praised for its products or services, the benefits can be further amplified by generating prime search-result visibility and increased rankings. Additionally, when an organization faces corporate scandals, product failures, project delays or other mishaps, ORM can help reduce the damage and negative impact to the brand throughout the online sphere.

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