Bio Petro Clean Announces a Second Investment by 21Ventures for $5 Million

Houston, TX, September 18, 2008 --( BioPetroClean (BPC) announced today that lead investor 21Ventures is investing another $5 million dollars in the company. This brings the total investment of 21Ventures in BPC to $8.5 million, succeeding an initial investment of $3.5 million in January 2007. Today's activity follows the successful implementation of a pilot program at several challenging facilities. BPC is the developer of breakthrough, virtually sludge-free, waste water treatment technology. The company was founded by BPC Chairman Mr. Hezi Marueli, CEO Mr. David Amir and CTO Professor Eugene Rosenberg.

"The results from the recent series of pilot studies clearly validates BPC's stance as an industry leader in what is estimated to be a $10 billion addressable market. The company is led by a strong and intuitive management team that has the ability to grow BPC into a thriving business. The potential here is undeniable. These are the main reasons for the infusion of new capital and 21Ventures' continued support of this initiative," said Professor David Anthony, Managing Partner of 21Ventures.

"This decision is an exceptional vote of confidence in BPC’s future and is a source of great optimism for the Company’s management and employees. 21Ventures truly appreciates what a great change our process can make in sites ranging from oil refineries to heavy waste industries. It is not only ecological on an unprecedented level, but also measurably simplifies the process and its costs. At last, the waste water treatment process can be realized from end-to-end, with the output clean enough to be returned to nature, a precedent-setting development,” said Mr. Marueli.

CEO David Amir points out that BPC’s marketing paradigm overcomes the hesitations often faced by a new technology. “We offer a tailored pilot plant at a minimal cost, which serves, on the one hand, as an introduction to the process, and, on the other, a true replica of the full scale process. Continuous tests and support during the pilot stage really optimize the potential, and our experience is that a full-scale order usually follows.”

"The BPC process, with its patented chemostat and bacteria mix, redefines the principles of waste water treatment. The bacteria mix, tailored to each application, is inserted at an earlier stage of the process, and is efficacious for a longer period. The process, handling both salt and fresh water, low and high capacities, is so flexible that it can even cope with extreme side streams, until now a challenge unto itself," added Professor Rosenberg.

About 21Ventures
21Ventures ( is a venture capital fund which invests in and develops seed and early stage technology companies, mainly in the physical security, clean energy and mobile software markets. 21Ventures is currently managing more than $70 million worth of investments in 16 companies in both Israel and the United States. 21Ventures has offices in New York City and Tel Aviv, Israel. For more information please contact media liaison: Marjie Hadad at 1-(646)335-0269 or e-mail

About BPC
BPC directly addresses the challenges facing various industries and installations today: waste water treatment. Led by a world-respected scientist in biological treatments, BPC has developed a breakthrough balanced bio-process (ACT) that, for the first time, results in a virtually pure output that can be directly returned to nature. With several of its key technologies and elements patented, the BPC process transforms water treatment into a significantly more efficient, economical and ecologically friendly process. It can be applied across a wide range of sites: from oil refineries and oil storage farms to drilling sites, marine ports, side streams water, reservoirs and similar locations.

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