New and Unique Way to Make Wedding Rings

The maker of the Atlantisring has created a unique new way to make wedding rings. As a marriage is a bond between two people, so should their wedding rings be. With our new special produced Atlantisring you get this special experience.

Philipsburg, Netherlands Antilles, May 12, 2006 --( The maker of the Atlantis ring has created a unique new way to make wedding rings. As a marriage is a bond between two people, so should be their wedding rings. The creator of the Atlantis Ring has taken this concept and creates two wedding rings as one. This is a new and revolutionary way to create a pair of wedding rings. They are made at the very same moment, from the very same metal. They are at this moment still one piece of metal. They have identical characteristics and powers, which the Atlantis ring possesses. The Atlantis ring is a unique Amulet/Talisman, which protects against bad luck, accidents, and spells. It also augments the ability to tap into your own intuitive powers, your subconscious and your soul and will bring good luck to the wearers of the ring. Every couple of lovers that tie the knot should get themselves this unique wedding ring set and make their already special bond even more special.

This new technique of producing the wedding rings is as follows: When the rings are formed out of wax, they are placed together on a casting channel, professionally called the sprue, to a base from where the gold will flow into the mold. When the cast is made the Gold or Electrum is melted and casted into the mold. This way the ring are made at the same time and from the same material. No other way you can get your rings so uniquely identical. After the mold cooled down the mold will be opened and the two wedding rings are connected through the sprue. A blessing is said over them by the maker of the ring. (Who is a Theosophist and has studied the Absolute, which is the Theosophical name for Allah/God/Brahman/Jaweh etc.)

"Oh Absolute, grant [the owners of] these rings safety, happiness in love, prosperity, and health."

Only then the rings are cut loose and finished by hand to their attractive timeless luster and are ready to be worn by the newly wed couple.

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