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Just in Time for Mother's Day: BlogHer LLC Launches the BlogHer Advertising Network

Just in time for Mother’s Day, BlogHer LLC launches the BlogHer Advertising Network, a premium environment for contextual advertising to women, and a powerful new economic model for individual women bloggers.

San Francisco, CA, May 12, 2006 --( BlogHer LLC (, the Web’s number-one guide to women bloggers, today announced the launch of a new advertising network for blogs by women.

The BlogHer Advertising Network will launch June 1st in partnership with more than two dozen parenting bloggers and a featured advertiser, new Sweet Simplicity™ Sweetener - a premium, all-natural zero-calorie sweetener

The BlogHer Advertising Network introduces sponsors directly to the Web’s most sought-after consumer demographic—women who write and read weblogs. A demographic survey conducted across BlogHer’s introductory set of parenting blogs reveals a deeply loyal and highly educated readership. (Review full demographic survey results at “Our parenting bloggers have the kind of readership that most web sites only dream about,” said Elisa Camahort, Co-founder and President, Events & Marketing. “They’re spending money online, on everything from gadgets to gardening tools. And 53 percent have their own blogs with which to publish and amplify their recommendations, opinions and referrals.”

With the BlogHer Advertising Network, BlogHer LLC sells and delivers the only graphic media advertising on participating blogs. Participating bloggers retain their own URLs, traffic and communities and agree to publish according to editorial guidelines.

“The BlogHer Ad Network is the solution for advertisers who seek a rich, contextual relationship with the most wired women online and their audiences,” said Jory Des Jardins, Co-Founder and President, Business Development and Alliances. “We’re proud to launch with a sponsorship by Sweet Simplicity.”

Over the next two quarters BlogHer will expand the number of bloggers in the network and the contextual categories available to advertisers. Other advertisers are slated to follow in June and July for parenting. The next BlogHer Advertising Network to launch will feature food bloggers.

“BlogHer LLC understood what I was looking for: a way to make the most of my blogs while focusing on writing. At the same time I feel comfortable that BlogHer understands what appeals to my community,” said Jenn Satterwhite, of the Mommybloggers and Mommy Needs Coffee blogs. For a complete list of the more than two dozen participating bloggers, please visit the BlogHer Advertising Network web page at <

"As a mother and as a publisher, it is really exciting to help connect these moms with an advertising community that appreciates the value of their writing and their deep relationships with readers,” said Lisa Stone, Co-founder and President, Operations and Evangelism. “After this introductory offering, we look forward to opening up the network to other women bloggers who may wish to participate. The BlogHer Advertising Network is the latest extension of our mission to create opportunities for women bloggers to pursue greater exposure, education and community.”

Elisa Camahort, President, Events & Marketing, BlogHer LLC

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BlogHer LLC evangelizes blogging by, for and to women. Its mission is to create opportunities for women bloggers to pursue exposure, education, and community, through its online network and yearly conference. The BlogHer Network, found on, is the Web’s number one guide to blogs by women. The BlogHer Network has 60+ editors covering more than 20 popular topics, writing the definitive guides to the hottest blogs written by women in a range of categories, from parenting to politics. The second annual conference, BlogHer '06, has doubled in size, growing into a two-day conference and targeting 750 attendees and press. Companies such as MSN Spaces and Yahoo are participating as premium sponsors. The conference will take place in San Jose, CA, July 28-29.

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