Frogtown's North Georgia Web Design Launches New Site for Sage Foundations

Cumming, GA, September 16, 2008 --( Frogtown Media Web Design, a North Georgia web design company based in Cumming, Forsyth County, today announced the launch of a new web design for Sage Foundations. ( )

Sage Foundations is dedicated to providing quality resources for those who are on a journey for personal growth and well-being. They offer healing arts, classes, community connections, and links to respected holistic arts providers. While they service a variety of venues, most of their events are held along the Highway 400 corridor, and they maintain this as a nucleus of support for the growing healing arts community of North Georgia.

Gay Wolff has studied whole life wellness and personal growth methodologies for over 30 years, and has founded Sage Foundations to help others navigate their journey with greater ease. There are many methodologies of health, healing, and spiritual growth, and Sage Foundations honors the diverse and unique benefits of each. However, for many seekers, the path can become, at the least, confusing and overwhelming and, at most, dark and scary. Sage Foundations attempts to make the seeker path easier and more secure by helping people find quality information and mentoring.

Gay has been a teacher her entire life, as an English teacher at the high school and college levels, and later in alternative educational venues. She is certified as a yoga teacher, Integrated Energy Therapist, and practitioner of Shamanic healing, and has been practicing healing arts for about 6 years. Her primary practice is in Shamanic Healing which is a comprehensive energy practice that engages a composite of ancient wisdoms as well as more modern ones. She is certified through the Four Winds Society in Shamanic Healing, where her studies included training with Quechuan Shamans in Peru. Though Gay has studied many methodologies, she practices this one because it relies heavily on the client’s desire and readiness to heal, making the healing process safe and potentially complete.

Energy medicine is a fast growing group of practices that work at the energetic level, rather than the ideological level, and draws on the clients’ own intentions and beliefs for their healing.

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