Saves Money, Restores Faith in Humanity is the world’s first free lost-and-found recovery service.

Santa Barbara, CA, September 18, 2008 --( Today launches the world’s first free lost and found recovery service. Through the website, users are able to register personal valuables which are each given a unique ID code. The user can then write this code on the item, print free labels, or order professional labels. Should the item ever be lost, the website allows the owner to communicate anonymously with anyone who might find it in order to arrange its return.

The service aims to rally the good nature and honesty of strangers by making it easier and safer than ever for them to return lost items. James Tamplin,’s head of Business Development commented on the social nature of the service, saying: “We believe that our users will be thankful for the money and hassle they are spared, but I think they will be even more pleasantly surprised by the kindness of strangers.” will save users millions of dollars by facilitating the safe return of the mountains of lost property that accumulates each year in public areas such as airports, shopping malls and taxis. Last year alone, Transport for London collected 148,000 lost items ranging from 14,000 mobile phones to a single lawnmower. Meanwhile in Los Angeles roughly 12,000 items, including 1,800 bicycles, were left on city buses during 2006.

Because the service is free, allows users to protect an unlimited number of items, not just their most valuable ones. “Our users can’t predict what they will lose, or when they might lose it, so we don’t make them try to guess. They can tag as many items as they like - from cell phones to golf clubs to textbooks - without spending a dime,” says CEO, Andrew Lee.

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