World's First Merino Baby Swaddle Now Available at

Award-winning Cocooiâ„¢ Baby Swaddle from Merino Kids of New Zealand is now available at

Portsmouth, MA, September 18, 2008 --( today announced the availability of the world's first merino baby swaddle, the Cocooi™ Baby Swaddle from Merino Kids of New Zealand, which earlier this year was awarded the Seal of Outstanding Design Quality in the esteemed International Forum Product Design Awards.

Crafted entirely from New Zealand's finest pure merino wool, the award-winning Merino Kids Cocooi Baby Swaddle is 100% natural, cuddly-soft and allergy-safe. It offers advantages over traditional square swaddling blankets which can come undone or, worse, cover a baby's face, and its patented diagonal-winged design fits all newborn babies perfectly without employing harsh velcro, fasteners or constricting arm restraints.

Designer Amie Nilsson, founder of Merino Kids, said: “Swaddling is an age-old practice proven to help babies settle and sleep longer. Some parents may have been put off swaddling if they've encountered straitjacket-style swaddles that pin their baby's arms, but they will love our Cocooi Baby Swaddle which provides the perfect balance of familiar snugness and freedom to move.”

Merino fabric's natural elasticity wraps a newborn baby snugly and safely without compromising the baby's freedom to move their arms and legs naturally for early brain development.

Merino fabric, importantly, has the remarkable ability to regulate a newborn baby's body temperature and reduce their risk of overheating. This makes the Merino Kids Cocooi Baby Swaddle the ideal sleeping environment for a newborn baby in any season.

The Merino Kids Cocooi Baby Swaddle can now be purchased on-line at

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